SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY 222 Dr. L.A. James, Instructor Mrs. D. Nahl, DRA Librarian Spring 1983 Generation TAKE HOME EXAM PROJECT PROJECT #1 KRUPAT READING REPORT By Kathleen Matayoshi
Lines from Krupat


Have you ever wondered to yourself about what you could leave behind, when you die, that people will always remember you by? As you know, many famous people through history have died and left something for us to remember them by. For example, Benjamin Franklin died knowing that every time we turned something on thats electric, we'd remember him as the inventor of electricity. When George Washington died, he had the satisfaction of knowing he was the first President of the United States. When Elvis Presley died, he left as the King of Rock and Roll. In using this idea of leaving something behind for people to remember us by, I'll be explaining the purpose of this project.

In Social Psychology 222 instructed by Dr. L.A. James, we as students in his class are required to do a report of what we learned during the semester. This report will be used to inform the future generations. People who decide to take this particular subject will have our reports to get an idea of what this particular class consists of. As for us, we were able to utilize material that was prepared in the previous generations before us. In Social Psychology 222, this report is what we leave behind so that people will learn what we've learned. This project is for the General Curriculum of Community-Classroom.

If you are wondering what is a Community-Classroom, I will give you a brief description. In Dr. James class, we were presented with the term Community Classroom. This type of classroom is where students get into groups and work with each other. There is a lot of student interaction going on. Students are able to interact and get to know other students within the class. We work in dyads (2 people) to get certain assignments done. We even put our heads together to take quizzes. The idea of turning a class into a community where people are able to interact freely with one another is what Community Classroom is all about.

The main topic of study in Dr. James class is the Threefold Self. The Threefold Self is what we are made up of. It is three different mental states ranging from low to high. The low level is referred to as the automatic self. The middle level is referred to as the reflective self. The high level is referred to as the spiritual self. There is also three categories in the make up of the Threefold Self. There is the affective, cognitive, and sensorimotor categories.

Within these levels and categories, there is different behaviors and levels of thinking. In every human being, the Threefold Self exists. The Threefold Self is our way of thinking, our inmost feelings, desires, loves, hates, our ability to rationalize, etc. We all relate to the three levels of the Threefold self in our daily lives. Given is a chart of the Threefold Self to help you visualize what it actually is.
Affective Cognitive Sensorimotor
Spiritual Self Spiritual Strivings---->
Rational Truths or Falses---->
True or False Principles---->
Good or Evil Works
Good or Bad Uses
Reflective Self Strivings---->
Aptitude or Interest---->
Higher Skills
Automatic Self Sensory Drives---->
Sensory Input---->
Meaning or Information---->
Motor Reaction

Self witnessing is a concept that we have learned in order to really think about our feelings and emotions. It's a way of studying ourselves like no one else can. We, as individuals, can be a self witness to ourselves. What this concept actually means is that, when we think about something or do something, we as individuals can look at ourselves and ask ourselves, "Why am I angry? or Why am I thinking this way?". This is called self witnessing. No one else but ourselves can be our own self witness. Self witnessing is when you look at your reactions to situations and is able to see your self and the way you reacted. No one knows what you are thinking about and no one knows what you're feeling, therefore you are the only self witness to yourself. In learning this self witnessing concept, we were given an assignment. We were to be our own self witnesses and record our reactions and thoughts. We were asked to find ourselves in different situations and to record all that we felt and how we reacted in the end. For example, I will give you some idea of logging down information on self witnessing.

Date: 4/13/83 Time: 4:30 p.m. Situation:
As I was driving on the H-1 freeway the traffic was heavy and cars were driving close together. A car from the left lane pulled in front of me and I had to brake immediately.

I asked myself why are people so rude and reckless? I then proceeded on. I did not yell or honk my horn. I did get a little angry on the inside though.

The self witnessing method is a good way of analyzing yourself. It helps you to really think about your attitude toward things. It gives you a deeper understanding of who you really are and why you react to things the way you do.

In discussing the negative and positive bias in science, I will be using examples to make myself clear. Positive bias in science is the belief of something that exists or at least the positive attitude that goes with the belief that something exists. It is like a scientist who is trying to make a cure for a disease. He has a positive attitude that whatever he is making will be a success. Without this attitude of trying to be-a success, one is wasting his time trying at all. Positive bias is the idea that something works or will work, something exists or will exist. It's thinking positive about things. For example, many people believe in God, yet they are not able to see God. Ne- gative bias in science is all the opposite things from the positive bias. If one cannot see God, therefore one will not believe in God. Negative bias in science doesn't give room for new insight. If there is a slight doubt about something, therefore it can't be true. This is what negative bias is about. We as human beings poses both the positive and negative bias in our attitude. Although, positive bias is the better one out of the two to poses.


The ennead matrix is a method used to really get into what you are learn- ing by analyzing certain topics in full detail. The ennead matrix is a system of asking yourself questions and answering them to your best abilities.

When you are studying a subject and come across a sentence or a paragraph that appeals to you, you use the ennead matrix to analyze why you reacted to the sentence or paragraph. It then takes you through a series of ques- tions to help you figure out why you actually chose the topic and how you felt as you read it. This matrix helps to analyze your thoughts and organ- ize them.

In reading the text by Edward Krupat, I chose the chapter on Loving and Liking. I then chose another Psychology text "The Social Animal" by Elliot Aronson, that had a similar topic. As I read through the material. I chose three sentences or ideas from Krupat and another three sentences or ideas from my second source. These sentences or ideas is what I will use the ennead matrix to help me understand my reason for choosing them. It will help me to question myself and figure out why the topic appealed to me. I will have a better understanding of the material when I use this method. This method will give me a chance to think about what I am reading.

After obtaining the sentences or ideas that appealed to me, I will use the chart to jet down my reactions. With each topic, I will make a chart and put all my reactions in the corresponding boxes. I will then have six charts altogether. Each chart will give my reactions to the sentences or ideas that appealed to me.

In choosing a topic, I chose to write this report on Loving and Liking. When we talk about love, we are talking about a topic that is quite broad. The word love has many definitions. Everyone has his/her own definition of the word love. Love can mean many things. When I refer to the word love, I mean the love that people have for one another. A word that will help to explain love is relationships. Different types of relationships deals with different types of love. The questions that I'll be reacting to, are in the boxes on
the referred chart. Each box asks different questions. Every chart is made up by reacting to these questions.

In using the ennead matrix, you are to answer each question step by step starting with box number one. There are nine boxes altogether. All nine boxes contain questions to be answered. Some boxes contain more questions than others. After you answer the questions in one box, you go to the following box. It's best to complete a whole chart before going to another subject because the flow of thought is best when concentrating on a specific subject. In completion of a chart, you should have a better understanding of why this sentence or paragraph appealed to you. In using the ennead matrix, you can really get to know what you are thinking about.

In looking at the topics I chose to work on, there are a lot of similarities. I dealt with the topic of relationships. Why do we like other people you ask? Well, this is one of the topics I chose to talk about. People like other people mainly because of common interests. If its not common interests, its because someone is interested in getting interested.

Over all, in all these topics that I've chose, it deals with relationships between people. I myself is a people person. I like to know where I stand in relationship with people.

The text books have a lot of information on why we get along with others. It brings out ideas of different types of relationships. In all, relationships are very important to us because our lives are full of different types of relationships.

Lines taken from Krupat's Psychology is Social

Page 177:last paragraph Page 164:lines 1-2 Page 181:lines 19-31
Page 232:lines 3-9 Page 231:lines 8-19 Page 234:lines 19-23


The ennead matrix is a very effective way of studying. It is set up in such a way that it gives a person a better understanding of what he/she is trying to study. It allows a person to jot down information that is interesting and important, so that one may analyze it thoroughly by taking it through the ennead matrix process. After going through the series of questions, one is able to sort out their ideas and feelings in order to get a better understanding of the topic. I'm a person with bad study habits. I never know where to start, so many times I just put it off. With a system like the ennead matrix, I have a starting point for studying. This matrix will help me to be organized in my thoughts. I'll be able to follow some kind of guide instead of being confused in where to begin. I have an organized system of studying by using the ennead matrix.

The ennead matrix is a good system for studying other courses. It's an organized system that is equipped to aid in studying. In studying other courses, the ennead matrix is used in the same manner. One must go through the same process that I have discussed earlier. The ennead matrix is very flexible when using it to study for other courses. It helps you to understand what you are thinking about. It helps you to understand why you reacted to a subject the way you did. It is a very effective method of studying.

This method of studying teaches you about yourself and how you process information. It helps you to concentrate on one specific idea and helps you to understand it in much more detail. It brings out your inner most thoughts that deals with how you feel toward the topic. In using this method, you are able to witness your feelings toward an idea and jot down information of how you feel towards the topic. In practicing this method of studying, you give yourself a chance to let out your ideas and elaborate on the topic. The most important thing about using this method of studying is that you have an organized system that teaches you how to process information that you usually by pass when studying because you do not understand it. This system helps you to understand what you are studying.

The ennead matrix method is a good way of keeping things in order. It could be used to write a paper with. This method could be used for many things if one needs a system of organization to get something done.

In writing this report, I was able to sort out my thoughts and really get a better understanding of each subject. To write a paper on a specific topic, helps you to understand what you need to write about. In using the ennead matrix method, I now have an organized system of studying. I can use the ennead matrix to help me in my studying and also in other areas of my life.

Over all, I've learned many things in writing this report. Most of all, I've learned a lot about myself. I now have a better understanding of myself. I now am able to witness myself in all areas of my life and be aware of it.

To the future generations, my advice to you is to get and understand all that you can in this course. It will help you to know yourself better and help you to understand who you really are and what you are made up of on the inside.

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