Psychology is Social
Edward Krupat

Page 177
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What would we expect to be the empirical relationships between one person's love and his liking for another person? One would certainly expect at least a moderately positive evaluation of another person to be a prerequisite for the establishment of attachment, caring, and intimacy. Thus, it would be surprising if liking and loving were not at least moderately correlated with one another. But whereas liking and loving may have much in common, we would hesitate to equate the two phenomena. People often express liking for a person whom they would not claim to love in the least. In other instances they may declare their love for someone whom they cannot reasonably be said to like very well.

Affective Cognitive Sensorimotor
Spiritual Self There are people who you should love and people who you shouldn't like. Its important to know this because it helps you to recognize the type of relationship you have. I believe that there is a distinction because not everyone loves each other. People care about people but, that doesn't necessarily mean they love them. Everyone has people they love and people they like. I'm sure they're able to make the distinction between the two.
Reflective Self In my life, there are people I like and people I love. I can distinctly recognize those I love and those who i just like. I try to recognize the two so that I understand the different types of relationships. In loving someone, there is a certain closeness to that person. It maybe through blood or just through a close relationship but, yet not a real close one. I wondered why is there a distinction between the two words. Then I saw a stronger bond in love than in just liking someone.
Automatic Self I was able to relate to the passage therefore I reacted to it. I get a better understanding of what I thinking about. I was able to relate to the passage in my own way. The difference in loving and liking caught my interest. Loving and liking someone are similar but there is a distinction between the two. Loving has a stronger bond. Liking has a weaker bond. Loving someone gives you a closer feeling towards that person. Liking someone is kind of a distant love.