Psychology is Social
Edward Krupat

Page 181
Lines: 19-31

An additional finding shown in Table 2 is that women tended to love their same-sex friends more than men did. It is indeed more common for female friends than for male friends to speak of themselves as "loving" one another, a linguistic fact that may reflect substantive differences in the nature of men's and women's same-sex friendships. Evidence from several surveys suggests that while women do not typically have more same-sex friends than men, women's friendships tend to be more intimate, involving more spontaneous joint activities and more exchanging of confidences. Men's special difficulties in establishing intimate relationships with other men are underlined by the love-scale results. The male role, for all its task-related "likability," may limit the ability to love. Loving for men may often be channeled into a single opposite-sex relationship, whereas women may be more able to experience and express attachment, caring, and intimacy in other relationships as well.

Affective Cognitive Sensorimotor
Spiritual Self I feel that maybe its good for women to be close to other women since women are more emotional than men. Women understand each other, where as men wouldn't quite understand women because of this uneasiness of being too open to people. With the idea that women are able to get close to other women and men have a harder time getting close to other men, I'm talking about friendship relationships. I am not reffering to any homoseuality. I identified with the idea that women are more able to get close to other women than men are to get close to other men.
Reflective Self My reasoning this way is because my relationship with my boyfriend and my friends, are an example. I'm trying to understand my relationship with people Surveys that were taken justifies these reasonings. Women are considered to be more on the emotional side than men are. They have an easier time expressing themselves. I myself am more expressive than my boyfriend. The reasoning that I went through, while reading the passage is that, women are much more willing to share emotions with the same sex then men are because they are not afraid to let out their inmost feelings. Most men are afraid to show too much feelings, it hurts the ego.
Automatic Self I said those sentences because I agreed with the passage. The satisfaction that I get while I say these questions is that I understand the passage and I can agree or disagree on it. My reason for thinking about these sentences is that I am able to relate to the passage. The passage brought to my mind, the friendship relationships that I have with my friends. I agree with this passage. Women are more willing to share their love with others, men and women, much more than men are. Women are able to share their feelings with other women more easily than men are able to share their feelings with other men.