The Social Animal
By Elliot Aronson

Page 231
Lines: 8-19

Why is agreement important? There are at least two possiblities: (1) the person who shares our opinion on a issue provides us with a kind of social validation for our beliefs-that is, he provides us with the feeling that we are right. This is rewarding; hence, welike those who agree with us. If a person disagrees with us, this suggests the possibilitythat we may be wrong. This is punishing; hence, we don't like people who disagree with us. (2) It is likely that we make certain megative inferences about the character of a person who disagrees with us on a substantive issue, not simply because his desagreement indicates that we may be wrong, but, rather, because we suspect that his opinion on that issue indicates that he is the kind of person we have found in the past to be unpleasant, immoral, or stupid.

Affective Cognitive Sensorimotor
Spiritual Self I like to be a person who agrees with others. I don't like to disagree unless its necessary. I like to know that I can be a person that people will get along with. If people agree with each other, there is no argument. If people disagree with each other, there is a subject to be argued about. It's better to agree with each other than disagree with each other. People who agree with each other have a common bond. People who disagree with each other has no bond.
Reflective Self I've come across people who agree and disagree with me. I can honestly say that I'd rather have those that agree with me. No one likes a trouble maker. I'd like to have people agree with me and I with them. When people disagree with you, you get angry at them. They start to irritate you and make you feel stupid. People who agree with you are easier to get along with. It is true that you are more prone tolike people who agree with you than people who doesn't agree with you.
Automatic Self I could relate to the passage. In saying these sentences, I was able to express my opinion on the topic. I'm able to recognize the difference in people that I like and dislike. I like when people agree with me. It gives me a feeling of worth. As I read the passage, I agreed with what it said. We are much more able to like those who agree with us than those who don't. True. We would rather have people agree with us than people who disagree with us. People who agree with you make you feel goo. People who disagree with you make you feel stupid.