The Social Animal
by Elliot Aronson

Page 232
Lines: 3-9

There is still another reason why we tend to like people who hold opinions that are similar toours. It may be that, all other things being equal, if we learn that a person's opinion is similar to our own, we might be prone to believe that he will really like us, if and when he gets to know us. this can be very important because, as it turns out, the single most powerful determinant of whether one person will like another is whether the other likes that person.

Affective Cognitive Sensorimotor
Spiritual Self I agree with these assumptions. People with common interests have an easier time getting along with one another. In order to enjoy someones company, you must be able to communicate with them. If you can't communicate with someone, you won't be able to get along with that person. In reading this passage, I was able to understand the reason why people get along with each other. I assume that having something in common with another person helps to make conversation.
Reflective Self I believe that having something in common with another person makes a friendship more interesting. I'm reasoning in this way because I will be aware of the similarities I have with people in order to build a stronger relationship. It's easier to talk to someone who understands what you are talking about. If a golfer started to talk to a football player about golf and the football player knew nothing about golf, the interest is not all there. People who have similarities have more to talk about because they're interested in the same things.
Automatic Self I said these sentences because I can relate to the passage. I get a better understanding of commoness in relationships. I now understand that if I have something in common with another person, I have a better chance of getting along with that person and he/she with me. To have something in common gives people a feeling of closeness. I thought of these things because I agree with the passage. It's true. People tend to be interested in other people who hold the same interests as others. It's easier to talk to someone who has something in common with you. People who have thing in common get along better with each other.