Angie Inouye gen2 Report 2
The report showed me what that generation was learning about the web.
Jami Kaneshiro gen4
I really like this home page. I didn't get to read all of the reports yet, so I am bookmarking this home page so that I can come back and read all the reports at a later time.
Curtis Nakao gen2
This home page showed how much the technology has improved in a few years.
Cherilyn Okazaki gen4
I really don't have much to say about this entry I just liked it.
Shane Cobb-Adams gen4
I like the super long name of this guys home page. I had to cut it so that it would fit.
Renee Yamashiro gen4
Not much to say.....
Denise Tanaka's gen2 Report 3
generation2 the report was interesting
Denise Tanaka's gen2 Report 1
This was the first report that I read from the generational curriculum.