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Generational 499 Projects on the DRDL

Online Daily Digital Library (DRDL)
Prior to going online the generational curriculum was a collection of bound volumes made up of student reports arranged by semester, course, topic, and students. The collection was called Daily Round Digital Library (Daily Round Archives, later renamed Daily round Digital Libary) under the direction of DRDL Librarian Diane Nahl. The name reflected the theme of the student reports which was to give a social psychological account of their daily lives by acting as Society's Witnesses.
Students borrowed the bound volumes , read and processed the content in accordance with the assigned instructions. Students wrote for other students so it's not surprising that most of them (98%) donated their work to the Daily Round Digital Library to be included in the generational curriculum. When the generational curriculum went online in 1992 all new reports were created by students in the Web environment. As part of their maintenance work, students began to scan the DRA reports and prepare them for the Web environment. This is now called the Online Daily Round Digital Library

Online Daily Digital Library (DRDL)

Each student created a Home Page for the selections they picked or were assigned. Here they explain the topic as they understand it and talk about its significance. They also describe the various problems they had to solve to get the Home Page up and give advice to future generations.

Index of Home Pages in the Online Daily Round Archives
Aaron Takahashi|| Amy Lam|| Amy Lam -- Part 2|| Calvin Cheung|| Canaan Machida|| Canaan Machida -- Part 2|| Christine Marchadie--Part 1|| Christine Marchadie--Part 2|| Garrett Chun|| Darin Kawamoto|| Darin Kawamoto -- Part 2|| Jill Umetsu|| Kathy Morifuji|| Michelle Alonzo||Gregg Suzuki|| Ginger Andrews|| Christine Marchadie||
Online Articles Relating to the Daily Digital Library (DRDL)
Index of DRDL Documents by Subject
  • Introduction to the Online Daily Round Archives at the University of Hawaii (this document)
  • Transcripts of Conversations and their Analyses
  • Traffic Psychology Reports on these topics:
    • Driving & Aggression: An Examination of Driving Behavior
    • Influence on the Driving Performance and Behavior:Factors that affect me
    • The Stereotypes of Women Drivers: From male conducted research and analysis from my perspective
    • A Self-Monitoring Project for Modifying Driving Speed
    • My Self Witnessing Experiment On Driving the Speed Limit
  • Traffic Psychology Reports on these topics:
    • Personality in Traffic
    • Adolescents at Risk
    • Speeding and Aggressive Behavior
  • Driving Behavior of Adolescents
    • Risky behavior/Sensation Seeking
    • Egocentrism Fitting in/ Insecruities in Adolescence
    • College Students are More Responsible
    • Driving Under The Influence -- Preventions
  • The Threefold Self--Observations of Myself on the Daily round
    • The Ennead Matrix for classifying self and behavior
    • The Spiritual Self--Positive and Negative Bias
    • The Reflective Self
    • The Automatic Self
    • Self-Witnessing Reports
    • The Three Domains of Behavior: Affective, Cognitive, Sensorimotor
    • Applied to passages in the social Psychology book by Edward Krupat
  • Social Psychology of Song Analysis
  • Hey Cards Created by Social Psychology Students
  • Personality Studies--Occupation; the Paranormal; Pets and their Owners;
    • Personality and Occupation: Creating the Ideal Situation
    • The Paranormal and How it Correlates with Ones' Personality
    • Psychology and Pets: Human and Dog Interdependency: The Benefits of Dog Assisted Therapy on the Personality as Well as the Environment
    • Personality and Pets: Pet Personality and their Owners Bring Out the Best in Us
    • A Look at Dogs, their Personalities, and their Relationship with Humans
    • The Existence of Personality in Pets Shown Through the Human Animal Relations Between Humans and Pets
  • Analysis of Talk here (1), and here (2)
    • Transcirpt of a Dinner Conversation
    • Analyses of Topic Development, Argument Structure, and Relationship
    • Descriptions of Daily Round Settings--My Thoughts, My Feelings, My Standardized Imaginings, My Belongings, etc.
  • Issues in the History of Psychology
    • Evolution: It's Role in Defining the Human Species
    • The Rational Approach
    • Sand and Book, An Essay on Dreams and Destiny
    • Welcome To The World of Dreaming
    • Early Scientific Thought
    • Searching Blindly: The Quest For Perfection
    • Skinner the Radical
    • Abortion: Right or Wrong?
  • Psychology of Health Behaviors: Exercising

    • Personality Concepts And Behaviors In Weight Lifting
    • Exercise: To Do Or Not To Do That Is The Question
    • How To Cope With Stress By Exercising
    • Self-Assessment Report: Health Behavior: Exercise
    • The Effect Of Jogging On A Person's Physical And Psychological Well-Being
  • Psychology of Health Behaviors: Nutrition

    • Social Psychology Self-Study Report: My Eating Behavior
    • My Frequency, Amount, And Type Of Intake Of Junk Foods
    • Does Knowledge Gained Through The Media On Cholesterol Consumption And Its Harmful Effects Lead To An Actual Decrease In Consumption?
  • Analysis of Talk Local Style
  • Community-Classroom Reports

    • Introductory Letters Written by Students About Themselves
    • Money Thoughts: What They Are and How to Categorize Them
    • Daily Feedback Forms of Students in Community-Classroom
    • Intimidation Project: Where I Feel It and How to Deal with It
    • Progress Reports of Students in Community-Classroom
    • Discharge Reports of Students in Community-Classroom
    • Annotations of Student Comments on Each Other's Reports
  • Learning Altruistic Book Handling Behavior for Library Literacy

    • Altruism and the Library Parable
    • Internalizing a Librarian's Altruistic Value...
    • Attributions and Attitude Change When Consulting a Reference Librarian
    • The Value of Altruism--It Can Be Returned
    • A Self-Witnessing Report on Book Conservation
  • Diet and Nutrition Issues

    • Diet and Nutrition
    • Dietary Fat and Breast Cancer
    • My Struggles with Eating: A Self-Witnessing Report
    • Health-Related Links
    • Diet Plans
  • Driving Issues

    • Annotated Bibliography For My Personality In Traffic
    • Adolescents At Risk
    • How The Aggressive Behavior Of Speeding Can Kill

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