Ethnography of an Academic Cyber-Community
The Hawaii Generational Curriculum Project

Traffic Psychology Student Reports

Traffic Psychology has been a continuous topic of investigation for students in the Generational Curriculum since 1981. Each semester they read the self-witnessing reports of prior students and use them to gain an understanding of driving behavior, including their own self-modification experiments.

Cyber-Psychology Student Reports Since going online in 1994, the Generational Curriculum reports have become more and more technologically savvy. A variety of student projects will be found here, interlinked to each other generationally and topically, thus forming a giant and growing hypertext super-document.

Daily Round Archives Student Reports

Between 1975 and 1993 the typed students reports in the Generational Curriculum were bound and kept as a library collection under Diane Nahl's supervision. Current students now maintain these valuable reports, scanning them in and putting them up on the Web.

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The project tarted in 1973 and involves generations of students in several psychology courses taught by Dr. Leon James with the assistance of Dr. Diane Nahl at the University of Hawaii. Students write scholarly and research reports for future students and make use of prior generation reports by reading them, analyzing them, and furthering their objectives. This article focuses on the history of the project, its theory, and the special benefits it provides to students in terms of writing literacy and critical thinking.

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