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Traffic Psychology Student Reports
Traffic Psychology has been a continuous topic of investigation for students in the Generational Curriculum since 1981. Each semester they read the self-witnessing reports of prior students and use them to gain an understanding of driving behavior, including their own self-modification experiments.

Cyber-Psychology Student Reports
Since going online in 1994, the Generational Curriculum reports have become more and more technologically savvy. A variety of student projects will be found here, interlinked to each other generationally and topically, thus forming a giant and growing hypertext super-document.

Student Papers on Spirituality, Theistic Psychology, Swedenborg, Life After Death



Read these articles on the generational curriculum project:

The project started in 1973 and involves generations of students in several psychology courses taught by Dr. Leon James with the assistance of Dr. Diane Nahl at the University of Hawaii. Students write scholarly and research reports for future students and make use of prior generation reports by reading them, analyzing them, and furthering their objectives. This article focuses on the history of the project, its theory, and the special benefits it provides to students in terms of writing literacy and critical thinking.


Subject Index to the Student Reports: 1971-2008
Hawaii Generational Curriculum Project

Dr. Leon James, University of Hawaii
1971 onward
Last update:  January 2008

1.     Introduction to the Online Daily Round Archives at the University of Hawaii (this document)

2.     Transcripts of Conversations and their Analyses

3.     Traffic Psychology Reports on these topics:

o   Driving & Aggression: An Examination of Driving Behavior

o   Influence on the Driving Performance and Behavior:Factors that affect me

o   The Stereotypes of Women Drivers: From male conducted research and analysis from my perspective

o   A Self-Monitoring Project for Modifying Driving Speed

o   My Self Witnessing Experiment On Driving the Speed Limit

4.     Traffic Psychology Reports on these topics:

o   Personality in Traffic

o   Adolescents at Risk

o   Speeding and Aggressive Behavior

5.     Driving Behavior of Adolescents

o   Risky behavior/Sensation Seeking

o   Egocentrism Fitting in/ Insecruities in Adolescence

o   College Students are More Responsible

o   Driving Under The Influence -- Preventions

6.     The Threefold Self--Observations of Myself on the Daily round

o   The Ennead Matrix for classifying self and behavior

o   The Spiritual Self--Positive and Negative Bias

o   The Reflective Self

o   The Automatic Self

o   Self-Witnessing Reports

o   The Three Domains of Behavior: Affective, Cognitive, Sensorimotor

o   Applied to passages in the social Psychology book by Edward Krupat

7.     Social Psychology of Song Analysis

8.     Hey Cards Created by Social Psychology Students

9.     Personality Studies--Occupation; the Paranormal; Pets and their Owners;

o   Personality and Occupation: Creating the Ideal Situation

o   The Paranormal and How it Correlates with Ones' Personality

o   Psychology and Pets: Human and Dog Interdependency: The Benefits of Dog Assisted Therapy on the Personality as Well as the Environment

  1. Analysis of Talk here (1), and here (2)
  2. Issues in the History of Psychology


  1. Psychology of Health Behaviors: Exercising



  1. Psychology of Health Behaviors: Nutrition



  1. Analysis of Talk Local Style
  3. Community-Classroom Reports



  1. Learning Altruistic Book Handling Behavior for Library Literacy



  1. Diet and Nutrition Issues





  1. Driving Issues

20.  Driving Behavior -- Literature Review on Aggressiveness






26.  My Personality in Traffic: An Eclectic Approach to Behavior Modification:
Vital lies, simple truths| An approach to growth| The self in social interaction| The misunderstanding and mishandling of anger| The heat/aggression relationship| Delinquency and rationalization| The adjusted American| Aggression and altruism| Hostility and aggression| Moral education| Bibliography

27.  Impatience Behind The Wheel: Rush-Hour Combat
Traffic Safety and the Driver| It's Driving Us Crazy| Driving Passion: The Psychology of the Car| Personality Correlates of Driver Stress | Comparison Perceptions of Driver Ability - A Confirmation and Expansion |Type A Behavior Pattern and Motor Vehicle Driver's Behavior| Human Factors in Traffic Accidents| The Driver and Safety| Death on the Road: A Study in Social Violence

28.  Aggression on the road: A factual and observational analysis
Aggression, what is it?| Anger| Factors Influencing Aggression on the Road| Examples of Aggression on the Road

29.  Self-Witnessing Report of My Thoughts and Feelings Behind the Wheel

30.  Aggressiveness on the Road: Psychological and Physical Causes of Driver Aggression

31.  Aggressiveness on the Road: Speeding

32.  Aggressiveness on the Road: Driver Behavior

33.  Aggression on the Road: Bitterness on the Bus

34.  Say No to Aggressive Behavior

35.  Drunk Driving

36.  Drunk Driving: A Deadly Mixture

37.  The Contractual License: An Effective Solution to Drunk Driving

38.  Self-Witnessing and the Understanding of Traffic Psychology

39.  The Stereotype of Women Drivers

40.  Is the Automobile An Immoral Means of Transportation

41.  7. Annotated Bibliography Of My Personality In Traffic

42.  The Cognitive Behavioral Theory and Driving

43.  Aggressiveness of the Road: Driver Behavior in Freeway Traffic Congestion

44.  Aggressiveness of the Road: Driver Behavior

45.  Driving the Speed Limit

46.  Traffic Psychology Reports on these topics:
Driving & Aggression: An Examination of Driving Behavior Influence on the Driving Performance and Behavior: Factors that affect me The Stereotypes of Women Drivers: From male conducted research and analysis from my perspective A Self-Monitoring Project for Modifying Driving Speed My Self Witnessing Experiment On Driving the Speed Limit

47.  Annotated Bibliography For My Personality In Traffic Adolescents At Risk How The Aggressive Behavior Of Speeding Can Kill

48.  Drinking and Driving Literature reviews Aggressive driving Literature reviews

49.  Self-Witnessing in Driving | Stereotype of Women Drivers | Is the Automobile An Immoral Means of Transportation | Annotated Bibliography | Of My Personality In Traffic | The Cognitive Behavioral Theory and Driving | Aggressiveness of the Road: Driver Behavior in Freeway Traffic | Congestion | Driving: the Speed Limit

50.  Annotated Bibliography on Aggressiveness |Personality Correlates of Driver | Stress | Factors Influencing Aggression on the Road |My Report on Self-Witnessing in Traffic

51.  Is there a Moral Crisis in Driving Attitudes?

52.  Driver Attitudes in Driving Newsgroups

53.  Letting Out the Anger in Driving Newsgroups

54.  Road Rage and Aggressive Driving Burn Brightly Through Newsgroup Messages

55.  Different Attitudes Towards Aggressive Driving & Road Rage

56.  Group Dynamics and Emotional Content of Newsgroups for Drivers

57.  Is There a Moral Crisis in Driving Attitudes?: Crashing and Burning or a Sunday Cruise?

58.  Driver Attitudes Expressed in Newsgroups: Flamers, Mockers, Regulars, and Wagoners

59.  Driver Attitudes Perpetuated by Electronic Newsgroups


Later Generations

G26 Student Reports on Driving Psychology

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G25 Student Reports on Driving Psychology

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G24 Student Reports on Driving Psychology

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G23 Student Reports on Driving Psychology

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G22 Student Reports on Driving Psychology

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G21 Student Reports on Driving Psychology

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G20 Student Reports on Driving Psychology

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83.  www.soc.hawaii.edu/leonj/409as2004/sayo/report3.htm 


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