Series 4. Methodology
Volume One

Principles of Ethnosemantics
and Its Relation to Ethnomethodology
and Applied Psycholinguistics

Dr. Leon James
Professor of Psychology
University of Hawaii

  1. Preface
  2. The Relation Between Numbers 1 Through Nine and Cognitive Structure in Discourse
  3. Unity
  4. Duality
  5. Trigram
  6. Quadrangle
  7. Pentagram
  8. Hexagram
  9. Septuple
  10. Octant
  11. Ennead
  12. Outline of the Five Movements of Discourse
  13. ESNOSYS: Ethnosemantic Notation System
  14. Table of Geometric/Ethnosemantic Correspondences
  15. Display Repertoire (Part 1)
  16. Display Repertoire (Part 2)
  17. Display Repertoire (Part 3)
  18. Dialectics of Ethnosemantics (Part 1)
  19. Dialectics of Ethnosemantics (Part 2): The Cube of Understanding
  20. Dialectics of Ethnosemantics (Part 3): The 72 Coordinates and their Movements
  21. Dialectics of Ethnosemantics (Part 4): The 575 Diadic Interactions
  22. Dialectics of Ethnosemantics (Part 5): Derivation of ES Coordinates
  23. Dialectics of Ethnosemantics (Part 6): Reciprocally Ratifiable Recognitions (RRR)
  24. Dialectics of Ethnosemantics (Part 7): Triangular Method of Resolution
  25. Master Chart for the 16 Movements of the Dialectics of Ethnosemantics
  26. 64-Celled Ethnosemantic Matrix (8x8) for the Concept "Adequacy" (8 Directions)
  27. Color Coding System for Language Teaching
  28. The ES-PROBE Technique
  29. Topic Focus
  30. The Color Coding System for the Investigation of Hexagrammatic Morphology
  31. Topic Glossary
  32. Notes on the Geometry of Understanding 
  33. Notes on Ethnosemantics (ES)
  34. Introductory Notes to Ethnosemantics
  35. Anecdotes Based on: NES, 1975
  36. Annotation from NES, 1975
  37. Understanding Discourse: From Ethnosemantics to Transactional Engineering
  38. Notes on Esnosys
  39. The Cube of Understanding
  40. The 575 Diadic Interactions

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