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Students' Glossaries of Psy 409
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A software that connect to 30,000 computers around the world; a network of networks; protocol to connect to multiple computers, not secured. First concept of Inernet was introduced in 1964. For the history of the internet, click here.

an expression of the mental(spiritual) world; the brain computer, the highway; a medium for horizontal/vertical context. Not in a hardware but a correlation, where you see cyberspace, see hardware. It is also a way in which we become more integrated; establishes more connections among our selves and institutions; to strive to internet.

Information shock
This is the feeling one gets when first introduce to the internet. One learns to cope with the computer information and its technology. See Grant Harada's definition


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electronic mail; a mean for communicating on the computer.

Allows you to connect real-time to other computer networks.

dumb terminal
don't have own file(computers)

World Wide Web
Also known as WWW, W3, or The Web. It is the graphical side of cyberspace. You can get basic information about also anything ranging from your own local government to even places like the United Kingdom; hypertext documents that are linked together via a special protocol, the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP).

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A menu driven information catalog that contains a huge collection of text files and software. It allows you to search through databases available on the Internet. Developed at the University of Minnesota.

An Internet file-search tool.

in charge of server e.g. Eric Hagen

The hardware or software which provides some service or feature of a client such the CSS Server.

Css Server
mini computer located at Webster

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paging/browsing through page by page

this is what you do when you browse through the internet; scanning the internet

allows you to save a link to your personal bookmark

shortcut commands to get from one step to another faster

frequently asked questions. It is a list of common questions and answers on a particular topic. See Kevin Bogan's FAQ.

links you to someone else's document or paragraph so you can add comments. Idea of connectivity. It's human nature of social well-being.

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allow you to comment on someone else comments; address; car containing document moving from one car to another

to distinguish it from physical e.g. MUD games

to have a version updated and old version no longer in use.

unix operating program using a 486 or 886 computer

information super highway
internet; involves town building and highway(building a cyberspace town); where traffice laws applies

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language; use for organizing; twists text in a strange way; allows you power than regular word processing text.

Standard Home Page
act as a pivot for document; integrating self to Cyberspace community e.g.WWW

host computer

allows signaling between two computers

File Transfer Protocol
Also known as ftp. Lets you download files and programs from remote networks.

Internet Relay Chat. Allows you to talk "live" with other IRC participants around the world. Allison Asahina elaborates more

Newsgroup containing e-mail based forums involving people from around the world with an estimated 25,000 newsgroups covering an wide array of topics, from fans of Madonna, employment, traffic, cooking, education, etc - you name it

Uniform Resource Locator. It is the address of something on the internet, including the form the something takes.

Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol. A term used for passing data back and forth among Internet computers.

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