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The Home Page of Kevin C. Bogan

This is what you will find referenced inside:

  • The CSS Help Files (csshelpfiles)
  • Making HTML Documents (makinghtml)
  • Help Files (helpfiles)
  • Psy 409 Home Page access (psy409hp)
  • Dr. James's Comments (leoncomments)
  • Emacs Instructions (emacsinstrs)
  • Frequently Asked Questions (faq)
  • CSS Server access (cssserver)
  • Patrick Cripen's Roadmap Workshop access (roadmap)
  • WWW Virtual Library: Subject Catalog access (wwwvl)
  • My Fall 1994 Psy 409 Lab Reports (fall1994psy409labreports)

    There is quite a bit of help in the CSS help files. Or click here for direct help from the CSS server for making HTML documents.
    And here are more Help Files specifically for Dr. James's students.

    Another way to get to the Psych 409 Home Page

    For the latest instructions from Dr. James look at Dr. James' Weekly Comments

    Here is a little help on Using the EMACS editor

    For those problems that seem to plague a number of students look at the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section

    If you want to explore the WWW, you can go through the College of Social Science Server.

    For anybody who wants to explore the Internet, but doesn't know how yet, I suggest you take the Patrick Crispen's Internet Roadmap Course. You can work through it at your own pace, best if done from beginning to end. It teaches you how to use e-mail, Gopher, Mosaic, the World Wide Web (WWW or 3W), FTP and FTP sites, and more. If all of this sounds strange - then all the more reason to check it out!!

    There is an e-text library that has many of the world's classic books and documents available for your viewing. You can access it from The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Subject Catalogue. Check it out!
    If you would like to see what we did in the Fall 1994 Psy 409 class, take a look at my lab reportsfall1994psy409labreports (sorry, I haven't marked them up yet, so, they are just straight text --lots of ideas though. News Flash!! As of March 13, 1995 Lab 6 is chock full of name anchors and links. Check it out!):

  • Psy 409 Lab 3
  • Psy 409 Lab 4
  • Psy 409 Lab 5
  • Psy 409 Lab 6

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