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All the anchors and all the topics and all the headings to be included. However, if this becomes too big a task for the time available, do as much as you can, selectively. You need to keep coming back to this task and continue it throughout the semester.

LABREPORT ONE ANCHORS My first day Looking Up to See You Paying tuition ahead of time. Thursday came! Ineffective The Next week Saturday Came Hating Class Thank God For Jill Kaneshiro C-x C-c Solving the problem! Tuesday Came

LABREPORT TWO ANCHORS Oh, my God(anchor) Many times!(anchor) Going through a lot!(anchor) Ignoring classes.(anchor) When I first sat down!(anchor) Solution(anchor)
LABREPORT FOUR ANCHORS Fighting Pessimism Fighting Depression Reasoning processes Messing up Enjoying the frustration Simple strategies Coping with Information Shock! Advice for Students
LABREPORT FIVE ANCHORS Accomplishments Past Students The Students state of Mind What I learned How it affected me My suggestions for future students Three new links Phillip A trip to Italy
LABREPORT SIX ANCHORS March 9,1995 My experiences Dumbstruck Relaxing Navigating with the Web Crawler Area's of discovery My great area of discovery In particular No Time Almost Done
LABREPORT SEVEN ANCHORS persistence. why spare. a grade example bond, things thank you Prof. James.
LABREPORT EIGHT ANCHORS link. net. But Here Terri Slaughter here. If In my she discusses Rushed rush on. my eyes get so sore
LABREPORT NINE ANCHORS As I navigated, message I became I felt Some of the reactions that I participating socializing I would the experiment function similarities However
LABREPORT ELEVEN ANCHORS Kuhlthaus' book Kuhlthaus' book describes to cope In Kuhlthaus' book The book In trying to relate to the process The process This redundancy Continues Cyberspace Overwhelmed Censorship Whoever reads this file action. Participate
LABREPORT TWELVE ANCHORS Navigating Swedenborg's Home Page philosophy or religion good and evil best friends philosophy arguments educated manner. just be myself.
LABREPORT FOURTEEN ANCHORS I relate file names helpful hints Understanding a person's file name exactly email addresses
LABREPORT FIFTEEN ANCHORS After comparing To finish my file took I think that Was it worth it say If there was My suggestions, I would hope that generational Cyberspace super document. I can say individual. I know mind. I plan information explosion age A few E-mail address. Dr. James Internet flourish It also helps to have a computer and modem at home. unheard