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Joleen's Lab Report

Joleen's Glossary for Psychology 409

this word means feelings of a person towards someone

having thoughts that are in your mind and no else hears or sees

links within the information highway around the world

Dumb Terminal
your own and personal computers that you see in front of you

the person in charge of the server and makes the decision in changing them

these are the highlighted areas of the pages and takes you to them

Cyberspace home zone
Cyberspace means computer and to create you must enter homepage

the entrance hall to instructor's or student's directory. Take a look at Kyle's definition.

this is the largest cyberspace in the World Wide Web

as you are typing in your work area and there is someone trying to get to you, just type talk and the screen will split and you are able to correspond by typing whatever you desire. Take a look at Kendall's definition.

this is the word at the top of your paragraph where people are able use your reference as part of their homework; anchors or tags your text or entry so that you and others can link to it.

chmod 755 *
opens all files in this directory so others can see them on the Web.

to find out the person's address

a possible alternative for that people could add your anchor to their paragraph

To get a better understanding of links, take a look at Tod's definition.

an additional piece to add onto your computer which also uses the telephone line for communication. Take a look at Beverly's definition of this.

I was stumbling across Bev's glossary and came upon a new and unusual word, emoticons. I also noticed the other people uses this terminology. It's a cute jesture . . . :)

this is a very vital command to your linking to other people's lab reports or glossaries. See whatGrant states in his definitions. This acts like a stairway to where ever you want to go, if you want to go up, place it once, if you go up twice, place it twice, so on.

boolean logic
main operators which consist of and, or, but; this definition means that it is a group of sets. . .See what Jill had written for her definition.

means, file transfer protocol, downloading or uploading, from your floppy disk to the uhunix or world wide web.

baud rate
speed at which communication, throught the telephone line, is sent through; otherwords, communication rate.

this three lettered word means that it has archives

that a program I executed is now where I'm at

to put on the screen

a version of a software

to view the screen slowly and by pressing the space bar, takes you to the next screen

control z
to get you out of whatever you're in

up arrow
retypes the command that you just once executed

a directive on the computer for the user to access other files and directories

communication between a main host and user

the ability to save documents to a bookmark file to view at a later time, simply type a for adthe type a to add and l to link and v to view

an artistic web program which allows you to browse through anything and everything on the World Wide Web...this is a must

links that are arranged in a directory form that has no explanations

links that are arranged in an ideosyncratic manner

links that are arranged in some kind of order which each topic has a brief explanation

name of directory or files that consist of being mnemonic, short, and in a series

commands used in order to establish a link

short for hypertext make up language used in documents to establish hypermedia links

specifies the types of resources being accessed and the path for that name