My e-mail address: rross@uhunix.uhcc.Hawaii.Edu

My Home Pages

  • My Indexical Home Page - Here my links are arranged in an index of topics.
  • My Artistic Home Page- Here is where I can express myself.
  • My Original Home Page - This is the page I started with.

    My other pages

  • My lab reports
    - A summary of the homework assignments for Psy 409.
  • My Glossary
    - My own understanding of the terms as well as links to others' definitions.

    Psy 409 Pages

  • Other students' labreports
    - Homework assignments of other Psy 409 students.
  • The instructor's Home Page
  • Other students' glossaries - You can probably find any term a "Newbie" would want to know here.
  • Instructor's Weekly Comments - A wealth of knowledge to found here.
  • Syllabus - The complete syllabus for Psychology 409 for Spring 1995.

    Some places I like or need to go to.

  • NCSA's Beginner's Guide to HTML
    - Everything you always wanted to know about HTML formatting. (Can you tell I don't go there often?)
  • HotWired - An interesting place with information, classified ads, and a place to chat with others.
  • Useless WWW Pages - No explanation needed.

    My favorite search tool

  • WebCrawler - The easiest and quickest way that I have found to get what I am looking for.

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