1. Pine Pine is a composing program that can be used to send and compose e-mail. It is also very convinient in that it can hold an index for students.
2. Emacs Emacs is the internet editor that is used to compose and edit documents through the internet. Also see Kendall's glossary
3. Anchor Anchors are the primary connections for information in emacs.
4.Links Links are the connections that enable one to access anchors, and information.
5. WWW This is a worldwide hypertext network that allows others access to the internet.
6. Webmaster The Web master is the "almighty god" of the U.H. Web. The current Webmaster is Eric Hagen.
7. Internet The internet is the "information superhighway". One may be able to access all kinds of services through it, and even do homework.
8. Gopher The Gopher is an online information system for the U.H. system. It contains all types of very interesting information, including bus schedules and movie times.
9. Toggle is the key that "switches" to another function
10. Accordian Effect A effect in traffic that describes the increasing and decreasing of spaces between cars, as they near an intersection. Joleen's glossary for an even better description.
11. FrustrationEmotion you feel when stuff on the internet isn't going well. i.e. lagtime, or non-working links.
12. Affective Level This is the level at which the driver's emotions occur, and is very difficult to change.
13. Cognitive Level This is the level that is considered the driver's personality, it is more external than affective self, and is directly influenced by the driver's affective self.
14. Sensorimotor Level This is the most external level of all, it can be changed and includes actions such as tailgating, not signaling. In other words, things the camera can pick up.
15. Paranoia Irrational fears of something that does not exist. Or my feeling being stuck in the middle of a large convoy.
16. Zen Driving Zen driving is the state of being aware of things that occur around you as you drive. Attempting to not get angry, and emotional, but just let is flow. See Carol's definition.
17. Sucking in Effect This occurs when you leave a car length or more of space in front of you, and cars start to get "sucked" in and out of the space.See also, Claudia's comment.
18. Convoy Convoys are groups of cars that move together on the road, whether due to following slower cars or just in heavy traffic.
19. Kauai My Home, and my driving nightmare. Imagine this, two lane highway, too much cars, very hot, and no air conditioner. Not to mention, the dangerous things drivers do there (signal a turn for one way, and turn the other way, not follow the speed limit, and when you do, they get mad,and making U turns in the middle of the intersection). No joke this happens a lot.
20. Cartoon Characters Those drivers that take on an almost "cartoonish" personality when driving. These people tend to view themselves as invincible and others as not being capable of getting hurt, thus resulting in feeling such as wanting to machine gun or blow up other drivers or pedestrians.
21. Dark Driver These are the violent feelings inside all of us. The bad side that comes out of us under really stressful situations.
22. FAQ FAQ is short for frequently Asked Questions. These files usually hold questions and and answers about the most frequently asked subjects. FAQ is also derogatory in slang and could result in injury if said in a negative way.
23. Pico The other internet editor that is supposed to be easier to use than Emacs, yet less powerful. I have never tried it, I prefer to stay with Emacs which I am more familiar with.
24. Finger Command that allows a person to see who is logged on and from where. Helpful if you need help.
25. What Command similar to Finger but tells you what the person is doing on the internet. Helpful if you want to write or talk to them, so you can find out what they are doing before interrupting them with Write or talk commands.
27. Cyberspace Learning Community This is when a group of people put information on the "information Superhighway." Psy 459 is a Cyberspace Learning Community, we look to each other for help on the internet.
28. Talk A command you can use to communicate on the internet. In order to use it, you type talk (login name) and you can talk to your friend. Useful in asking for help on the net. Also see Kendall's definition
29. Rambo Driver A Rambo driver is one that makes their own rules on the highway, similar to Cartoon Character. Has total disregard for others. Also see Carol's definition.
30. Veronica No not the Archie comic character, but a search vehicle to find information in gopherspace.