Accordian Effect: This occurss when a group of cars are driving very closely together. They are driving so closely that they do not allow enough time for the person ahead to stop. This may result in an accident where each car hits the next car much like an accordion or a domino effect. Anchor: A type of a link or marker where someone can access other information regarding that anchor from your document. See also Kendall's Glossary Convoys or Packs: A type of driving formation where a group or "pack" of cars drive together whether the drivers realize it or not. Normally the drivers are speeding with each driver thinking that the other one will get caught first. See also Ota's Glossary EMACS: A word processing program on the telnet that allows people to type up information that others may read and comment on. Gopher: A form of accessing information directories on the Internet. Internet: An information highway that allows access to all kinds of information worldwide an infinite amount of information. See also Isa's Glossary Links: Ways to connect documents on the Internet. Pine: A program that allows for communication for people throughout the world regardless of their location. Telnet: A type of telephone line that connects various computer systems worldwide. Navigation: The way one travels across the Internet or through the Web. World-Wide Web: An awesome information freeway that allows travel throughout the world at the touch of a computer button using telephone lines. UNIX: A system for people to acces World-Wide Web and other programs and servers such as Gopher and Pine. HTML: A file on the web that allows you to link and anchor to other information directories and files. PICO: A word processing program on the telnet theat is similar to EMACS. Patience: the ability to wait and not get frustrated while doing any sort of activity.