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Carol's glossary for Psychology 459

Caroline Balatico's Glossary File for Psy 459
(1) home page
Gives access to instructor's or student's directory.
(2) webmaster
The person who is in charge of the server and makes decisions in changing the server's actions on the computer system.
(3) a name link
This is an anchor because it anchors or tags your text or entry so that you and others can link to it.
(4) href link
This is the actual trigger point. When you press RETURN on it, it sends you to the target anchor marked by the name link.
(5) Information shock
The increased heart rate, sweaty palms, tensed muscles, headaches, and frustration that comes along with learning a computer information system such as the Internet. Many hours are spent sitting in front of the computer (I've spent 5 hours straight at one time!), but with a lot of practice (and patience), this kind of shock will subside.
(6) accordian effect
When cars are driving extremely close to each other and when the first car makes a sudden stop, the cars in the back don't have time (and room) to stop, and the result is that all the cars rear end each other.
(7) pine
A computer program that can be used to send and compose e-mail. This is another convenient way to communicate with everyone. see also Claudia's definition
(8) emacs
This is an editor in the Internet system that is used to create and edit your documents.
(9) toggle
To hit or press a key on the computer keyboard.
(10) convoys
Cars that drive in packs in order to avoid the police. The first or last cars may get caught and the middle cars are "safe" (i.e. don't get caught by the police).
(11) gopher
In the Telnet system, this is used to connect to other computer programs.
(12) attention deficit problem
When a driver is using a cellular phone and he/she is concentrating on the phone conversation while at the same time is paying attention to the traffic conditions. The drivers who especially are trying to dial and take their eyes off the road feel invincible because they "think" that dialing and driving at the same time would not get them into an accident. This deficit problem also applies to the people who are trying to change out of their clothes on their way to their destination while at the same time they're driving. See also Isa's definition (13) invisible effect
A term borrowed from Matsuyoshi see also Kendall Matsuyoshi's definition that is used to describe the security that people have when they're in their cars. In this protective metal shell, they think that no one can see them and they can do ANYTHING THEY WANT like putting on make-up or as Kendall indicated, dig their noses.
(14) backseat driver
This is a person who serves as your passenger and tells you how to drive and lets you know how you're driving. The "good" side of this situation is that your passenger is making sure that you're aware of how you're driving and that he/she is making sure you're aware of the road conditions. Parents are the ones who usually fit into this category.
(15) bystander effect
Occurs when someone isn't helping in emergency situations.
(16) invisible brake pedal
The device used especially by nervous mothers who sit on the passenger's side of the car; they repeatingly stomp their foot on the car floor. They do this to let you, as the driver know, you're going fifteen miles or more over the speed limit or you need to slow down a bit. My mom also lays her hand on the dashboard in hopes of "stopping" the car. See also Diane Beauchmin's definition;it's much more simpler and it's hilarious!
(17) courtesy parking ticket
A warning citation given at the Ala Moana Shopping Center if your car is parked there all day. You don't have to pay anything; they just stick this "kind warning" on your windshield wiper in addition to marking the back wheels of your car with chalk. The best thing to do in this situation is to park different places, if you work there, that is! As you may have guessed already, I work here at the shopping mall and there is an employee parking lot but it's out in the dangerous boonies (i.e. the street level). I've had 3 or 4 warnings already! ***MY PROMOTION****Hey people: if you want to have an eye exam, stop over at the eye doctor's office inside Lenscrafters; as an optometric assistant, I make sure your EYES ARE HEALTHY; give us a call at 941-1566 if you want to make an appointment and let them know that Carol sent you; thanks!!!!!
18) bumper huggers
Another term used for tailgaters.
19) slithering snakes
Those last minute mergers who are supposed to be cutting ahead of the merge lane instead of in back of the merge lane.
20) angelic drivers
Those happy-happy, joy-joy drivers who think that they are the perfect ones who follow all traffic laws but really are in denial.
21) demonic drivers
Those drivers who go beyond the speed limit, floor their vehicles when they see the red light coming on, yell at other drivers, give other drivers the middle finger, inch their way into a crosswalk making the pedestrian move more faster, don't signal when they want to switch lanes, and tail gate other vehicles. Come to think of it, this fits the majority of the drivers out there (me included!).
22) the middle finger
A good tool to relieve stress when we're pissed off at other drivers who do rude things to us on the road.
23) [finger]
The listing of names that you use when you want to locate someone on the unix system. In terms of body parts, this is the thing you also use when you when you're digging your nose or cleaning your ear with.
24) talk
When you want to converse with someone via computer, type this and check out the list on who you want to talk to; or, just type "talk", press the space bar, and type the person's name...TA-DAH! Now you're able to type away on the keyboard and communicate, just like a regular phone conversation. This is also a good way to "reach out and touch someone" of the opposite sex, if you want to meet new people without showing your face.
25) lagging
When your computer stalls on you for more than a minute on you and you feel like hurling it out the window.
26) demon gopher
This is not a possessed little critter, but this is on the Internet system (gopher system) where it gathers information on the topic you're searching for.
27) sucking phenomenon
Not the experience where you go through with your significant other in intimate situations, but the effect where you leave too much space in front of you when you're driving at least 4 or 5 car lengths behind another car; this allows someone to cut in front of you.
28) Zen driving
Gives you the "mystical" sense of being aware of everything around you as well as being aware of your reactions while you're driving out on the road.
29) Rambo drivers
Those drivers who drive any way they want to and they also make their own rules of the road (that only pertain to them, of course!). Watch out for these drivers (me, included!). See Joleen Lai's definition on the rambo pattern!
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