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Diane's Glossary

  1. Pine
    Pine is the program we use for email.

  2. E-mail
    E-mail stands for electronic mail. It can be sent faster than any postage service, and is very convenient. I love e-mail!

  3. Snail Mail
    That's the old-fashioned US Postal service. You know, the place where you get to stand in long lines to mail that overdue Christmas gift to your grandmother. Yeah. Right.

  4. Emacs
    Emacs is an editor.

  5. Webmaster
    The Webmaster controls the web, and sets up accounts and such. Our Webmaster is Eric Hagen, who can be reached at ehagen.
    We have a new Webmaster since the middle of the semester, but I don't know his name.

  6. Anchor
    An anchor allows another person to make a link to your file. Anchors should be put all over you files to make it convenient to comment in a specific area.

  7. Link
    A link enables the reader of a file to access parts of other people's files.

  8. Backslash "\" key
    The backslash "\" key can be used on a screen you are viewing to see the back of the page. This way you can see what commands have been entered to achieve the desired effect of the front of the page.

  9. Kermit
    Kermit is a UNIX program for uploading a disc.

  10. Cyberspace
    Cyberspace is the area you are in now on the computer. It is multidimensional and makes it possible to have all the links we do.

  11. Generational Cyberspace Virtual Learning Community
    This is the community of our classes on the internet as well as anyone else surfing the net who wishes to interact with us.

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