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Go to week 4 The story of a student's struggle to log on to to the CSS server. Bring a hankey, this one's a tearjerker.
......Tips on fighting pessimism.
......Strategies for viewing a document.
......Using the "U" key
Go to week 5 Diane rivetingly reviews the psychological progress of other Internet patients, er, students.
......Last semester's student papers
......Accomplishments of a former student
......What did I learn from the GCR
Go to week 6 Watch as an ordinary college Senior gets sucked into the world of the webcrawler and Netscape. Comparible to the Indiana Jones Movies, rave critics
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Go to week 8 She's been sneakning into "The Files Of The OTHERS". What has she found lurking in the far reaches of "Other Student Lab Reports". Wear the rubber undies, this is a scary one...
..........459 student links
Go to week 9 Diane travels back in time to 1991 and learns that students have done this before...and hated it...hmmm, go figure.
Homework week 10 This will take you all over the place.
..........My Artistic Home Page AKA: The Ladybug Zone...in case you've been wondering what that was. It's a more Exciting approach to schoolwork, with less actual emphasis on schoolwork. Ha. The story of my life!
.......... My Indexical Home Page Old, yet improved.
.......... My Standard Home Page Hmmm, looks familiar, huh? Cuz it's right here, silly!
Go to week 11 Book review time! Bring a pillow!!!
Go to week 12 Another PLATO file discussion group. Oh yeah. A little religion, a little discussion about traffic and driving... how does it all fit? I don't know!
Go to week 13 A big surprize!
Go to week 14 Titles, titles, titles....
Go to week 15 This is it !!!! The final assignment!!! You may (or may not!) have seen the last of Diane **CROWD CHEERS**

........HOT LINKS AND HUMOR........

Fun things to do in an elevator
Insurance humor From my 459 lab reports. Actual statements written by drivers attempting to summarize their accidents.
50 ways to disrupt an exam I guess we'll all know who read this document at the end of the semester, huh?
Final Exam Pssst. I got a copy of all of your final exams. Boy, the University is sure crackin' down on us this semester...
Inner-city Math Test From the inner-city? Please don't be offended.

Week 4 homework

Well, I can't believe I'm finally here, on the Web. After much ado, I'm back. We seem to have lost communication, and have had a little trouble with links but, now that you've finally found me I hope I won't bore you off my file.

Really, this is the start
Okay, week 4 homework....Finding information in a hypertext environment was really difficult at first! I knew that the possibilities were enormous, but I was frustrated that I didn't know any addresses to employ. My first address was Dr. James'. This proved to be quite usesful, because I could now read the syllabus along with his other articles.

To see how to navigate through the syllabus and weekly comments link here for my other lab report. That section is the same as what I would have written here, so you can check that out in my other file.

My tips on fighting depression and pessimism

Contrary to what I said in my 459 lab report, in a close race between crying and swearing, my next favorite way to combat Internet stress was to take a break at Manoa Gardens with a vegetarian taco salad and a 20 oz. Killian's red Ale. Nothin' better to calm your nerves and boost you back on to the computer. . . Unless you have too much Killians, which, on occasion, has happened. The real bummer is, when they're out of taco salad, Then I employ other relaxation methods. . . I go home, take a nap, and forget I know how to even spell cumpooter, camputor, computer. There it is!

Strategies I have learned for keeping on track, and not getting lost through the links in cyberspace are to use the "U" key while in Lynx and to locate the title of the document that should appear on every screen.

The "u" key enables you to jump back to the screen from where you just linked. For example, if I started at my home page, and linked to my lab report; to get back to my home page, I just push "u" and it takes me back to my home page. It's easy to get lost jumping through links, and this easy step is fantastic and easy!

This is similar to the "back" button found in Netscape, but since we're in UNIX HELL, we get to use the "u" key.

Week 5 homework

This assignment may be a little more difficult for me because I presented my summarys of the Generational Curriculum reports the second week of school, then returned them to Dr. James. But here's what I can remember:

Last semester's student papers
I had the first three papers of miss Josephine Allen, who is currently in my 459 class. Her state of mind in her papers was rather calm and methodical. She seems to talk hersef through problems, rather than getting flustered by them (like I do).

Her accomplishments were (at least for the begining reports) being able to access the documents she was looking for, as well as subscribing to various newsgroups.

What did I learn from these reports?
Jo mentioned that she had prior experience with computers, as she works as a graphic aartist. She thought that this prior knowledge would give her a "jump" on the class, and that the Internet would be easy for her to master. She expressed her anoyance that surfin' the net wasn't as easy as she perceived it to be, and that she ran into as many problems as everyone else did.

Not that I like to wallow in someone else's misery, but her honesty about her feelings made me feel better about the problems I was having on the net. Jo has all this computer experience, and I get lost finding the CLIC lab. But both of us seem to be having just as hard a time with this stuff. As they say, "Misery loves company".

Week 6 homework

The assignment to search databses for traffic-related documents got a little out of hand this week. I didn't like using Dr. James' link to the Webcrawler on his home page and I found that it took too long for the link to go through. ( Let's just say while I was waiting, I filed my nails down and then watched them grow back).

I much prefered searching Netscape, although as of yet, I have not encountered any traffic-related documents. I did find, however, the CIA's Home Page, the MGD (that's Miller Genuine Draft) Taproom, The Horror Web, The Fluffy Bunny home Page ( a waste of time), and the Hawaii Home page, which was kind of cool, because I could see all of the graphics.

My favorite document that I found, though was The Really Big Button That Doesn't Do Anything. Ms. Kaneshiro commented on my amazing find here. I formed a special bond with this button, and while you can't view the actual graphic through the Lynx browser, you can read the comments that others have left regarding TRBB. Through netscape you can find this by opening the file: http://akebono.stanford.edu/yahoo/ Then go to "What's cool?" and mouse down until you find it. I hope it will make you as happy and fulfilled as I. [SIDENOTE:] Thanks for being so patient with my link. I know that quite a few people have commented on TRBB, and my @$#%&^$# link hasn't been working. I believe I have fixed the problem ,but in case it still doesn't work, you can access TRBB from my home page or right here. Because of the nature of this program, I am not always able to get in, but be persistent, and try it throuh Netscape...I promise, you'll love it!=)

I think I have finally come to the point where I am addicted to the Net, but I feel like working through emacs and lynx is black and white hell. I wish that what I was working on could look like what's going on through Netscape. (Am I getting dangerously close to obsession here?)To see some actual traffic-related documnets, check for my 459 report.

Week 7 homework

When I finally gathered enough time to read the instructor's article I found a few places that I would like to comment...

In Dr. James' method section I would like to add that I feel it's important to observe your own affective, cognitive, and sensoriomotor acts at all times. Often, people tend to tune these things out, and that makes it hard for them to empathize with others. Also, the denial of feelings and thoughts can lead to unhealthy behavior.

I feel that this self-monitoring behavor is difficult at first because people tend to "modify" their true thoughts and feelings when presenting them to others. Okay, the word here is LIE! LIE LIE LIE LIE! We all lie to protect ourselves, and we lie so that other people won't find out things that we screen out as "weird" or "geeky" about ourselves. This is just a fact of life, becuse we are trained to believe that different is bad, when all it really is, is DIFFERENT.

An honest approach to self-monitoring behavior is essential is important in this class, because the material gathered is used in a generational style to help instruct the students of the future. I think some of these reports are still "edited" as to emotional content to protect the personal feelings and ego of the writer, but for the most part, they are truthful enough to be helpful.

Class discussions are really helpful to me, and other students. Sometimes I worry that I'm the only one encountering problems, but when the rest of the class is stuck with me, or if someone has a solution to the problem because they've beem there before too, it gives me hope to keep on truckin'.

Week 8 homework

Well, the race is on, against time, and CLIC lab space... Can Diane finish her lab reports before the midterm grading period? Will her lab reports sook like the gossip column of the Honolulu Advertisor?

Dr. James' Weekly Comments

While navigating though the Comments file I found the section called smashing the computer. Right on! This is a necessary file that should have been created at the begining of the year. How about "Smashing the noggin of the smelly weird guy sitting next to me who keeps asking me stupid questions". It's okay, he'll never read that, he couldn't even turn on the computer. (Snicker, snicker).

Another section I liked was Got Any Funny Stories? Come on, if I have the time this semester I'm gonna make my own set of humor archives. [Hey, it's a few weeks later, and I have a small humor archive you can link to called The Ladybug Zone] To see a few (tame, very tame) you can link to the section below to see the study break there, or to my 459 report for insurance humor. Do I have any funny stories, huh!

459 student links

This is always so confusing to me, linking to the other class, which is also my class, but I've already been through that argument in my 459 week 8 report. Hey, does that count as a link to another class???

Hey, what happened to the other class? I went to check out their reports and I found a lot of blank stuff...Not to say that MY files are packed with information or anything, but at least I put up some funny documents instead of homework when I was too unmotivated to study. =( Big Frown.

Shane Akagi shared with us his attempt to cure depression: A hot shower. You go Shane! Try THAT in the CLIC lab...

Ms. Isa included a cool link to Dealernet, the on-line car dealership. Hmmm, I don't think I have anything nice to say about people who sell cars. Although I can say, I sure as hell wouldn't send in my credit card # over the internet!!!

Ms. Kaneshiro mentions in her FIGHTING FRUSTRATION section that the lab aids know nothing about emacs ( I agree). Have you ever stopped to consider that they might be reading all the wonderful stuff we say about them? Nah....

Mr. Matsuyoshi took some time out of his week 6 report to vent some frustrations about his modem. Although I do not have a modem ( and am certainly not suffering from Modem Envy) I do applaud you for letting it all out. Doesn't it feel good? Coming up soon to my home page will be a fascinating link to the "Bitch and Moan Files". Another thing, Kendall, just remember, "Spit Happens". Well, you know what I really wanted to say....

Ms. Ota makes a comment about screaming at her computer and hitting it. I just don't see this as being possible. Not from our role model.

And finally, no lab report would be complete without a link to Mr. Takitani's reports. I always find them very enjoyable and look forward to his little comments about his trouble with hotel maids and his criticism of our editors, Pico and Emacs. You've gotta love this guy.....


Jill liked this section, to see what she wrote link here

Okay folks, due to stupidity that I still cannot understand, this document and whatever followed it has been erased, the M-x recover file is completely blank!! Oh joy. So, here I go again, entering this document...You better enjoy!

Fun Things To Do In An Elevator

Grimace painfully while smacking your forehead and muttering: "Shut up, damnit, all of you just shut UP!"

Whistle the first seven notes of "It's a small world" incessantly.

Crack open your breifcase or purse, and while peering inside ask: "Got enough air in there?"

Offer name tags to everyone getting on the elevator. Wear yours upside-down.

Stand silent and motionless in the corner, facing the wall without getting off.

When arriving at your floor, grunt and strain to yank the doors open, then act embarassed when they open by themsefves.

Greet everyong getting on the elevator with a warm handshake and ask them to call you Admiral.

Stare, grinning, at nother passenger for awhile, and then announce: "I've got new socks on!"

Meow occasionally.

Bet the other passengers you can fit a quarter in your nose.

Walk on with a cooler that says "human head" on the side.

Stare at another passenger for awhile, then announce: "You're one of THEM!" and move to the far corner of the elevator.

Wear a puppet on your hand and use it to talk to the other passengers.

When the elevator is silent, look arouns and ask, "is that your beeper?"

Say, "Ding!" at every floor.

Say, "I wonder what these do?" and push all the red buttons.

Listen to the elevator walls with a stethescope.

Draw a little square on the floor with chalk and announce to the other paesngers that this is your "persoal space".

Announce in a Demonic voice: "I must find a more suitable host body."

Make explosion noises when anyone presses a button.

Wear x-ray specs and leer suggestively at other passengers.


week 9 homework

Okedokey. I spent quite a bit of time navigating through the PLATO files and found in general that students then had the same problems with computers that we did. Not in the sense that they have to make links or have insane things happen to their files (like erasure!!!) but finding time to get to the lab, and the irritation of the assignmnets are about the same for the 91 and 94 classes. I say irritation because being a full time student and working AND having to go to the stupid lab to do your homework is very irritating.

How did I feel?
While traveling through their mental space in the PLATO files I kept thinking how lame the whole experiment was and how I'd much rather be at the beach. (Sorry Dr. James, but honesty in research is important.) I couln't believe how much these students obsessed on the topic of multiple choice questions. OK, so maybe it was the assignment, but really, it's very difficult for an observer to read.

You can probably tell from my report that I would not have enjoyed participating in this 1991 class. I enjoy the '94 class much more because there are more exciting things to do on the Internet than just talk to people and make files. I spend so much time in other places on the web that I sometimes forget to do my homework. Ahh, and endless dreamer.

Comments on the instructor's article

Dr. James' training section the PLATO system records how long the student is logged on. This seems inhibitive to me, because I probable would have been one of those students like Mr. Takitani who would have to be dragged into the lab to do his work.

Homework week 10

Oh boy, oh boy. I get to talk about all the Web surfing I've been doing lately. Believe it or not, I have been working on this assignment for about three weeks, now. Hard to believe, yes, because I get so wraped up surfing, that I run out of time or forget to do my lab reports. Heh, heh, a bad excuse, but a truthful one.

Over the Spring Break I basically chilled in the CLIC lab, because it was rainy, and all my friends worked during the day. Oh lovely Hawaii, where college students take advantage of holidays to work full time so they can pay rent and tuition. Feh. Why can't things here be less expensive so we could go out and get stupid and waste time like real people do on holidays? Okay, this is an old argument, and I realize that I'm just trying to justify my nerdly actions over break.

Alright, so I geeked out over SB. What did I learn? Why don't I have homework done all the way into next year?

First off, I learned how to employ graphics. Woo-hoo! Basically, I checked out the back page of Dr. James' funky artistic Home Page and copied what he did. I really didn't have any hope of it working, but when I checked thru Netscape, Woo-hoo! there were the graphics I wanted. I realized that since our class is under HIS directory, we can emloy HIS graphics. (Ugh, for this I went to college for 5 years and it took me most of the semester to figgure it out. Feh.)

I really got a kick out of looking at other peoples' HP's and became jealous of their liberal use of graphics and pictures. I decided to teach myself how to do this since no one else wanted to help. How pathetic. Anyway, I found that the Standard-type HP (home page, you dolt) was the most often employed. (From my sample of over 250, yes, 250 different HPs).

My experience with HPs on the Web.

As I stated before, my sample exceeded 250 different pages. What can I say, I have a short attentin span, and a lot of free time.

I made navigation choices by evaluating the "catchiness" of the title of the HP. Yeah, I was "judging the books by their covers" duh, if peopole didn't do that, we wouldn't have ad agencies, and my friend Paul wouldn't be the VP of his company. Wanna see his page?.

Back to the top

Homework week 11

Index of week 11

What is this book about?
The researchers' bogus hypothesis
Diane's attempt at seriousness
What did the rest of the class think?

This week's *exciting* reading selection is called: Seeking Meaning: A Process Approach To Library and Information Services. It was written by Carol Collier Kulthau. What is this book about, you may wonder. Well, it's about how people find information.

Yes, folks, five years of college, and I can summarize an entire book into one sentence. Let's delve a little deeper, shall we?

This book describes studies done on how people (high school and college students in this study) seek information. "Seeking Meaning" also presents a theoretical framework for completing library information searches. Finally, the book addresses the need for counselling in the process of information seeking. Yes, welcome to the '90's, folks. Not only do you need a shrink, a marriage counselor, and a priest, but now we're talking about a counsellor to get you through a library search. HELLO!

Personally, I don't have too many problems finding information in a library system. The first hurdle is to UNDERSTAND how the system works. That's what I think the "counsellor" would be for.

This study involved students who were educated about how to find materials in the library (these methods were not mentioned, however, but let's assume the materials could be located through a computer system, through various search engines.). The teacher then announces a large paper that must be written, and research is necessaary to complete this paper. The HYPOTHESIS of the experiment is that the students will be *excited* to write a big research paper, because they are secure in their knowledge of library materials. Yeah, right.

Of course the researchers were stumped as to why the students felt confused and anxious at the thought of writing a big paper. THINK ABOUT IT! Who in their right mind WANTS to write papers? Especially in High School, when there are CLEARLY better things to do with one's time!

So the researchers came up with another theory that outlined a process of library information searching which included emotions of each stage.

Now, in reality, let's say a college student, much like myself, has a research paper assigned. Having completed several papers in the past, and posessing knowledge of the various search engines available, the student will *most likely* (in my personal-Diane-opinion) wait until 1 or 2 days befor the paper is due, rush the library, check out every single book they have available on the subject, and stay up drinking coffee and eating Doritos (TM) until the paper is written or the deadline has arrived. If the paper is not completed by the time of the deadline, there are 3 options: 1. Feign serious illness. 2. Call teacher and beg for more time (vowing, of course, that you will NEVER procrastinate again). 3. Take the "F". A grim outlook, I know, but this is what college is really about.

Seriously, the book offers good suggestions for time management, which include preparing and revising several drafts, which is usually not even a remote possibility to the procrastinator.

What did the rest of the class think?

Mr. Noguchi made these comments.

Ms. Lai had this to say.

Go to lab report 12

What you'll see there

My disclaimer
Social context
Was it rational?
Did it get anywhere?
Was my trip useful


Lab report 13

Ha! Psych! this week's assignment was to do maintenance!!

Actually, I did find out, through a dilligent attempt to make all of my links work, that even if your non-working link is documented correctly, as is the anchor, the link won't work if a previous link or anchor is incorrect.

For example. My link to lab report #5 didn't work. The link was correct, the anchor was correct, however, the link ABOVE my anchor to lab report #5 was missing a quotation mark. This caused an inability to link to #5 correctly. Thank you for your time.

Go to homework 14

Topical index of lab report 14

How I relate to titles
How I relate to file names
E-mail addresses

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