Other Student's Lab Reports
Kendall's Lab Reports


1. FAQ: Short for "Frequently Asked Questions." At first I thought it was short for a well used profanity until I was told otherwise by a friend of mine.

2. Pine: The system that we use to send and receive e-mail

3. links: The command we use to create links to make it easier to move around the system to look at other's lab reports and the instructor's comments and such. See Rayson's definition.

4. telnet: The command used to connect to a system that is not on the host server

5. accordion effect: a term coined by Dr. James to describe an effect usually seen during traffic times. The effect occurs when traffic starts moving. The space between cars increases when it starts moving. However as the traffic slows down again, the space between cars decreases

6. invisible effect: a term that I like to use to describe the security that people feel when inside their cars. They think that they are invisible to the outside world so they proceed to do things such as dig their noses or sing in their cars

7. emacs: the system that we use to type our reports and glossarys into. It is a very confusing system that I would not recommend to people. See Todd's definition

8. anchor: technique used to mark certain areas so that links can be made to them to make manuevering around easier. This makes it easier for people to read other people's lab report without having to flip through the whole thing. anchoring allows you to focus on a particular topic/paragraph

9. modem: a device used to connect computers to the internet. Something that has proven useful in this course

10.talk: a command in unix that allows you to converse with another user is online. to initiate this command all you do is type "talk_login name of other person you wish to speak with". To exit the talk mode, you press Control-C. I learned that the hard way

11.kermit: the name of a famous frog, but also a command used to upload and download a file from another program such as microsoft word to/from unix. See Jae's definition

12.traffic violence: an act, physical or verbal, that hurts another individual. some examples include tailgating or swearing or even thoughts of cutting someone off or running them off the road