Instructions for the G14--Spring 2001
The Age of Rage
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When you create your login account, you can use your real name or a made up name. Of course, you need to email Dr. James at telling him your made up name and the course so he can keep track of your participation.

1) You need to post a minimum of 2 messages each week starting the week of January 22nd. Those of you who wish to start earlier, by all means do so. To get your full points you need to post every week. You can post more than 2 per week. The minimum post is one or two paragraphs, for a total of 10 lines per message.

2) One of your postings each week must be a self-witnessing report of an episode of rage you had, or else, that you observed someone else have. Describe the context, the event, the aftermath, and the psychological explanation.

The second posting each week must be a reaction comment to someone's posting, either to their self-witnessing, observation, or comment posting. Specify the Date, Title, and Author of the posting you're commenting on.

3) Your comments need to reflect your own course topics, whether 409a, 409b, or 459. Try to work that focus into your posting. All three classes are combined in the same forum even though each has a different textbook. Nevertheless, all three classes have a similar interest and focus on the Age of Rage. Therefore you are allowed to comment on anyone's posting, no matter what class it's from.

4) Additional postings beyond the minimum 2 per week are encouraged and will be rewarded point wise. You can also post answers to people who comment on your postings.

5) Note the Poll asking for your rage intensity today. Please fill it out every time you log on (once a day maximum). However, this poll does not count for your grade and is also anonymous. It's just a way of guaging the rage in our class community!

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