Instructions for Report 1
Annotated Bibliography
409a, 409b, 459--Spring 2001--G14

See Due Dates here

1) Type the report in your word processor and save it in HTML format.  The file name must be report1.html or report1.htm
Now open the file in your Web browser and see what it looks like--it's not the same as in your word processor. Fix things in your word processor, save the file, then view the changes in your Web browser again (be sure to save first). Repeat this process until you're satsified. In other words, you can view the report on your hard drive in a Web browser without having to upload it (but of course, no one else can see it until you upload it). Once it's uploaded, the whole world can see it.

2) When you have your complete draft ready, upload it and be sure to test all your links by viewing the file on the Web. The address of your folder is given in the Table below.

When you want to make corrections, do it in your word processor with the file on your hard drive (or diskette), save it in HTML, and upload the latest version--it will automatically replace the file that is there. After uploading, check the links by going to the Web address of your folder and viewing it there with your Web browser.

To upload the file, use any FTP software. If your computer doesn't already have it, you can purchase a commercial version, or download a free version from the University of Hawaii or other Web locations. Here is the information you'll need to upload your file. Type this information into the FTP software when prompted to do so.

  409a 409b 459
Host address:

Login ID:             
409as2001 409bs2001 459s2001
Password: get it in class get it in class get it in class
Once you are logged in, give the Create New Folder command.

Name it your last name.

Once it is created and appears on the screen, double click it to enter the folder.

Now you can give the upload command for your files. This is the folder where you must upload your files.

Do not delete or alter other people's folders! 

To view your Internet folder with your Web browser, go to this Web address, and click on the folder with your name on it:




Note:  Be sure to keep 2 copies at all times of your files, one on a diskette, one on your hard drive.   Sometimes your online file can be deleted by mistake, so you always need the latest version with two back up copies!

3) The heading of your report should be: 

Choose a suitable Sub-title and Type it Here

by  First and Last Name

4) Type the title of your report into the Page PropertiesTitle window. Do not forget this step! It's very important.

5) The body of the report should contain sub-sections, each sub-section having these components:

You need a minimum of 10 Topics.  Among these, the same topic can be repeated three times (with different materials and links, of course). For example, you can have three Topics (sub-sections) on Air Rage, three on Surfing Rage, two on Fishing Rage, and two on Shopping Rage. This makes a total of 10. Use any combination, as long as no more than three are on the same topic.

The Age of Rage Topics

  • Air Rage or Skyrage or Passenger Rage or Traveller Rage
  • Parking Rage
  • Boating Rage or Boat Rage or River Rage
  • Fishing Rage or Rod Rage
  • Surfing Rage or Surf Rage
  • Desk Rage or Office Rage or Computer Rage or Phone Rage or Cell Phone Rage
  • Sports Rage (parents, players, coaches), Fan Rage
  • Pedestrian Rage or Pavement Rage
  • Shopper Rage or Cart Rage or Shopping Mall Rage or Line Rage
  • Pet Rage (treating animals harshly)
  • Work Rage or Workplace Rage
  • Bike Rage or Bicyclist Rage or Biker Rage or Moped Rage
  • Web Rage or Internet Rage
  • Message Rage or Email Rage
  • Stock Rage
  • Golf Rage
  • Neighbor Rage (about noise, etc.)
  • Police Rage or Cop Rage (Rage Against Cops)
  • Roommate Rage or Landlord Rage
  • Phone Rage (people calling you to sell something and don't let you get off)
  • etc. (but not Road Rage since that is already covered elsewhere)(check with instructor if in doubt)

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