Instructions for Report 2
Customizing My Emotional Spin Cycle:
Data Analysis
409a, 409b, 459--Fall 2001--G15
Dr. Leon James, Instructor

See Due Dates here   ||  See Also General Instructions that apply to both Report 1 and Report 2.

1) The file name when you upload it must be called report2.html

2) Enter the Page Properties as:  "Customizing My Emotional Spin Cycle: Data Analysis Psych 409a (or 409b or 459)--Fall 2001--G15 Dr. Leon James, Instructor"

3) The heading of your report should be: 

Customizing My Emotional Spin Cycle:
Data Analysis

Psych 409a (or 409b or 459)--Fall 2001--G15
Dr. Leon James, Instructor

by  First and Last Name

Please Note: Since your reports will be indexed by Web search engines, you are allowed to use a made up name. Email Dr. James what your made up name is. Please choose a normal name, not one that is funny or strange.


Link to report  instructions:

4) The body of the report should contain these sections:

4) The Introduction sub-section should summarize the content of your annotated bibliography and link to your report 1.

After the summary, state the implications:

What does it say about our society?
How are we to explain what's happening with the emotional spin cycle?
What are we to expect for the future?
What should be done about it?

For some ideas on these issues consult the Web and the library. Be sure you also consult the theory and diagram described in the general instructions here.

5) The Data Analysis sub-section should deal with the following items (but use your own sub-headings in your own chosen words):

Note: Be sure you consult again the general instructions on data gathering procedures here.

How did you decide what to report on?  What methods did you use?

Describe the Threestep Method.
Describe the sampling technique.
Describe the Threefold Self.
Describe the Daily Spin Cycle.
Describe the design (week 1 and week 2).
Describe the rating scale you used.
Describe the record keeping you did.

What difficulties were there and how reliable are the observations (what errors might be there)?

What were the observations: Where? When? What? Who? Include Data Sheets, Tables, anything else you used.

When did the spin cycle become visible? How was it manifested? How serious or intense was it?

What was the context leading up to it and how often did it happen?

Why did it show up at that moment? What keeps it up (assumptions, expectations)?

What recovery possibilities were there? How did you modify this reaction pattern?

6) The Discussion sub-section should summarize the overall pattern of results and provide psychological explanations of the forces at play. You can also bring in explanatory concepts from your other courses or textbooks. Be sure to reference all your sources.

7) References:  List all the sources you used and referred to in your report.

8) At the bottom of your file be sure you have these links to:

the Class Home Page   (

and a link to your Home Page and a link to your Report 1.

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