Syllabus for Psych 459 (WI)  Spring  2002

Instructor:  Dr. Leon James, Professor of Psychology, University of Hawaii  Gartley 213A
Home Office: 261-2382 and messages;   e-mail:

Course Description:  Analyzing the Daily Emotional Spin Cycle

Focuses on the daily habits of the threefold self-affective, cognitive, and sensorimotor and techniques of self-witnessing and self-modification. Students publish their reports on the Web, give oral presentations in class, and participate in an online class forum discussion on the daily emotional spin cycle. Includes computer lab where students are given help in Web publishing. This is a WI course and requires more writing than the average class. Students will publish a minimum of three reports and will have to make the requested changes when the instructor reads the drafts. Students also read each other's reports and make approppriate suggestions.

Required textbook:  Albert Ellis.  Feeling Better, Getting Better, Staying Better: Profound Self-Help Therapy for Your Emotions. Impact Publishers, Inc.


20 percent

Class oral presentations and participation in discussions

10 percent

Timely participation in the electronic Forum Discussions (minimum: 2 per week, every week)

70 percent

Appearance, content, and quality of your Web site containing your reports and projects

Average grade=C || Doing well everything required on time=B || Going beyond the instructions=A 

Please note: The grade of A cannot be earned unless you submit all work on time and show evidence of having gone beyond the instructions.  If you have more than 10 penalty points you cannot receive a B. To receive a passing grade in this course you must submit all required work. If technical reasons prevent you from uploading any required work, you must submit on time a typed or printed version of it to the instructor. See Due Dates.

Absence Penalty: -3 points/per absence. Also: 3 lates = 1 absence. Be sure to let the instructor know when you come in late so your absence can be changed to a late. Late Work Penalty: -1 point/per day late.

Class Structure: Every class is made up of three portions. First Portion: instructor answers your questions and lectures on the topic; Second Portion: student gives scheduled oral presentation, and class discussion follows; Third Portion:  Lab work in the reserved SSB lab.

Lab:  Times when the computer lab is reserved for this class: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays: 2:30 to 3:30 SSB 635
Important: To use the lab you MUST register on the Web during the first two weeks at:   (there is an underscore between lab and user/)

The G16 Class Web Page to access all course information is at:

The Instructor's Home page is at: