Instructions for the
Book Review Report
409a, 409b, 459--Fall 2002--G17
Dr. Leon James, Instructor

** Note that the new due date for this report is one week later, that is, the last week of classes!

(1) This book review report MUST show this heading at the top of the screen:

A Review of
Author, Title, Publisher, Date
((you need to fill out the correct information for your book))

by Student's Name or Pseudonym and Date Posted

Instructions for this Report

Note: the address for this link to the instructions is:

(2) Type in the Page Properties (File Menu, Save as... Web or HTML) and fill in the field as: A Review of Author, Title by Student's Name or Pseudonym, University of Hawaii, Dr. Leon James, Instructor ((you need to fill out the correct information for author, student))

(3) Avoid using underlinining because the words look like links that way (you can use italics or ALL CAPS or a different font).

(4) Be sure you have a link at the bottom of your report:  Back to My Home Page

(5) Finish reading the whole book!

(6) Then start by making some notes that answer the following questions about the book you are reviewing.

Do not put these questions into your report but make sure every one of them is discussed. Keep the Number and Section Title as indicated below:

1. The Book's Overall Content

Identify the major topics and define each in your own words (do not forget to define them or explain them). "Major topics" would include between 6 to 10 items. Cite the Chapter and Pages in parenthesis when first referring to a topic. Do you see a progression in these topics or are they unrelated? Were you interested in these topics and could you see their relevance? Were these topics familiar to you already? Will this book be of interest to anyone? Who should read this book? What audiences and why.

2. The Book's Importance

What are the specific problems this book discusses and what are the solutions offered? In what way are the book's topics (as you identified them) relevant to public concern today and to psychology as a field? Is this message needed in our society and in psychology today, in your opinion? Why is it important? What broad concerns does it address? Does it answer them adequately, in your estimation? Why? Considering your background as a psych major, where does this book fit?

3. The Book's Structure

Does the book have exercises or tests? If yes, describe them. Take those exercises and report on how you did, what you learned. For what is this part of the book useful? Are there Tables and diagrams? A literature review? Bibliography? End notes? Index? Is the Index detailed or short, easy or hard to use? Do you approve of the Chapter titles? Can you think up a few better titles for them? Is the layout understandable? Is the print too small?

4. Critique of the Book

What did you enjoy about this book?  Quote one or two passages you found worthwhile. Explain why you liked it. What did you learn from this book? What were the strengths and weaknesses of this book? For each give an explanation and justification. What other reviews have you found of this book or topic on the Web? Give the links.

5. Additional Observations

Add any other questions or points you might think of yourself.

Note on Length:

There is no specification for length. Remember that all paragraphs must be within 7 lines, and that a blank line MUST separate paragraphs (make two Returns instead of one).

Note on file Name:

The file name for this book review MUST be called   bookreview.html (or .htm) This is the file you must upload.

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