Syllabus for Psych 459 (WI) 
  2004  G20

Instructor:  Dr. Leon James, Professor of Psychology, University of Hawaii  Gartley 213A
Telephone contact and messages (call during normal office hours): 261-2382   
e-mail:  Walk in office hours: Before and after classes (M, T, R)

Course Description:  Seminar on Swedenborg and Rational vs. Mystical Spirituality
Examines rational vs. mystical spirituality through the study of Swedenborg's substantive dualism in science. Students publish their reports on the Web, give oral presentations in class, and participate in email exchanges. Includes computer lab where students can do their Web work and can receive help in Web publishing. This is a WI course and requires more writing than the average class. Students will publish a minimum of three reports and will make the requested changes when the instructor reads the drafts. Students also read each other's reports online and make appropriate suggestions.

Required textbooks:  Testimony to the Invisible (J. Lawrance, Ed.) and Spirituality that Makes Sense (D. Taylor)


15 points

Class oral presentation

5  points

Participation in class discussions

80 points

Appearance, content, and quality of your Web site containing your Home Page and  three required reports totaling approximately 30 typed pages.
Report 1 = 25 points; Report 2 = 30 points; Report 3 = 25 points

A+ =95 points; A =94-90; A- =89-85; B+ =84-80; B =79-75; B- =74-70; C+ =69-65; C=64-60; C- =59-55;  D=54-50; F=49-0

Attendance is taken at the start of each class. Absence Penalty: - 3 points per absence regardless of the reason. Also: - 1 point for entering late (after class starts). It is your responsibility to talk to the instructor after class to change your "absence" penalty to the "late" penalty.  Late Work Penalty: - 3  points per week late (maximum = -9 points per report).   See Due Dates on the Web at:

    Note that opportunities are given to earn extra points for making up penalties to some extent--ask the instructor.

Grading Policy:    (1) The grade of A cannot be earned unless you submit all work on time and show evidence of having gone beyond the instructions in a creative way. To receive a passing grade in this course you must submit all required work.  

(2) If technical reasons prevent you from uploading any required work, you must submit on time a printed version of it to the instructor.  Penalties for late work will apply. Always keep a back up copy of your files on a separate disk besides your hard drive.  

(3) You will receive email from the instructor with your grade for the oral and for each report, along with recommendations on how to improve each report. You can apply for re-grading after you made the recommended revisions.  Send request to Dr. James by email ( To be valid, your request must indicate: (a) your first and last Name, and the Pseudonym on your reports, if any; (b) class (409a, 409b, 459); (c) the Web address of the report you are requesting for re-grading; (d) prior grade (points) for the report being re-graded; (e) list or describe what significant improvements you've made. Note: Unless your email request contains points (a) through (e) above, your request cannot be considered.

(4) For publishing your work on the Web, you are allowed to use a Pseudonym that is registered with the Instructor by email (let him know by email). Also, you can delete your own published files during the semester, or request they be removed from the Web after the semester, and at any other time in the future (just email the instructor:

(5) If you take more than one course with Dr. James, either in the same or a prior semester, you must modify the three reports so that you do not repeat the same work twice. Please consult with the instructor in class when planning the alternative. You must obtain agreement from the instructor for all modifications you propose.

Class Structure: Every class is made up of three portions. First Portion: instructor answers your questions about doing the reports, and lectures on the topics of research. Second Portion: two students give the scheduled oral presentation, and class discussion follows. Third Portion: Lab work in Saunders 635, reserved for this class from 2:30 to 3:30.

Computer Lab:  Times when the computer lab is reserved for this class: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays: 2:30 to 3:30 Saunders 635.  A personal password is needed to access lab computers.  You must register as a Lab User during the first two weeks of the semester at:    (Note that there is an underscore (_) in the address between "lab" and "user").

The G20 Class Home Web Page to access all course information is at:  

The Instructor's Home page is at:

The Instructor's email is: