Instructions for Oral Presentations
Oral 3

409a, 409b

Spring 2007  Generation 26
Dr. Leon James, Instructor

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Note: The instructions given for Oral 1 contain many of the details you need to know on how to make your oral presentations. You must consult those instructions for your Oral 3 as well. Oral 1 instructions also cover the 10 Outlines you must upload.

Oral 3 consists of a 10-minute report of a field experiment you must conduct and report to class.

1) Pick some concepts, ideas, principles, or diagrams from the assigned reading. Make notes about each.

2) Find a friend or other person who agrees to give you half an hour to teach them the meaning of the selected concepts, as covered in the assigned reading. Sometimes you may need to consult other pages or passages to complete the context in your mind. You may also need more than one person to do this with, or more than once with the same person. You can also have a discussion group of two or three people.

3) Either tape record the exchange or take notes while the interaction is taking place, and after it's over, when your memory of it is still clear. Be sure to ask specific questions, and probe with follow-up questions, to make sure you are adequately representing their views.

4) Try to give them additional facts and considerations after their initial reaction, so they can address the specific points you want them to consider. You don't need to argue or make them change their mind, only to put the ideas before them in specific content so that they can react to it specifically. Use follow up questions to make sure they express their views fully.

5) In your oral presentation to class you need to follow these four steps:

(a) Present the concepts or ideas to the class. Why did you select these?
(b) Describe what you explained to your friends and how the exchange took place.
(c) Describe some of the details as to what they reacted to and what they said.
(d) State your observations and conclusions.

Make sure you have enough material prepared to talk for the full 10 minutes.


How You will Be Graded

  1. Did student follow all the steps specified in the instructions?

  2. Did student manage to be effective in obtaining the field data?

  3. Did student's selected concepts adequately represent the specific content of the assigned reading?

  4. Did student report sufficient details about the people's statements and reactions?

  5. Did student show evidence of being well prepared and organized?

  6. Did student talk loud enough for all audience members to hear?

  7. Did student give an adequate interpretation of the data?

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