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Message to G4 from G3

Allison Asahina, G1

Depressed, Who Me? Feelings of depression are common, but fleeting. I find myself getting depressed when I think about all of the work that I must do. I also get depressed when I realize how little time I have put aside for this huge task. The way I try to overcome this, is to think of this class and its homework, as an individual growth experience instead of just another class. This helps me to keep it in perspective. As I go through the hours spent on the computer, I get a feeling of satisfaction at having completed a successful link, and this overrides any feelings of depression that I may be having at that time. The feeling of satisfaction also gives me the inspiration that I need to continue through the long hours of work ahead.

Kyle Fujii, G1

Next, I read other students' lab reports. Back to homework ! I wanted to learn about my fellow surfers, and how they dealt with this class. It was awfully time consuming! I guess that would make me a WAVE HOG ! Oh, well ! I liked what Allison Asahina recommended, that I look at this class as an "individual growth experience." I also really enjoyed how]Diane Beauchemin fought stress. She would go to Manoa Gardens, and order a veggie taco salad and a 20 oz. Killians Red Ale. Wise words, I believe. I also enjoyed what Rayson Noguchi does. He would play his guitar. (I would do the same, but I don't think the people at CLIC would appreciate my "artistic expression !") He also had 2 rules to remember. The first was to "not sweat the small stuff." The second was to remember that "it is all small stuff ." Words I will remember whenever I get frustrated. And finally, Cheryl Remata, who takes the Zen form of coping. To "take a deep breath and envision all tension exiting with that breath." I really do believe that everyone is doing a great job, and I encourage you all to persevere. We all need ways to relieve ourselves from the tension of learning this new language. (If you haven't figured out, mine's is humor !) I hope we all don't go crazy in this class !

Christina Kealoha, G2

About Beverly Diaz in G1: -- I have two comments about her week 7 report. First, under "Feelings" she says, "I hope future generations reading this report will find it comforting to know that it is alright to feel baffled and apprehensive, since we've been through it too. " When I first read this, I felt a warm fuzzy. It's so nice to know that I am not alone. Reading this, I feel so close to her, and I feel like time and space have been traversed; she is here in the now for me because of the computer and I love that the computer allows us to bridge that gap. Secondly, she says, "Doesn't it feel so great to have access to all kinds of information at the tips of your fingers?" Yes it does! I found all kinds of stuff this week that really excited me like Lea Salonga's homepage, the Miss Saigon page, and The Ultimate Disney Link page. How sweet it is!

Christina Kealoha, G2

Lori mentioned in class last week how you can "cut the crap" by using the computer to communicate. The unnecessary information is left behind, and people are able to get to the point right away. I agree. We are also able to control our emotions. Too often human beings are caught up in their emotions when interacting with each other. What a waste of energy...I have the feeling that through the web we might be able to develop a clearer mode of communication. Isn't it great that the computer, an instrument created by humans, has become almost like a filtering device for our emotions. Thus we have helped ourselves to be more precise (and maybe thoughtful) in our communication with others. I am glad to see that human beings seem to actually be improving themselves after all.

Yoon Cho, G2

I realized that only thing left to beautify my home page is to keep working with images and icons which seems to be fun part. I tried to change colors of text and background to make more remarkable and impressive home page. But it wasn't that easy as I thought. ... I still felt lacunae about my skill to deal with emotional frustration. I have made repeated lapses with within affective domain, especially with persistence. I know that I have the motive to persist but as the frustration continues, the motive to persist weakens. I guess I have learned quite a lot about this problem and maybe that's why I could ask for help to make both affective and cognitive breakthroughs. Asking for help could be a real breakthrough sometimes. ... When the problem is resolved, I might have a sense of self-confidence which is a very important step in the affective domain. After the completion of one task, I always have had the desire to complete another task.

Dorys Penton, G3

Has anyone ever been reported missing after entering the internet, I wonder. I might be the first such case. ... Confused, disoriented and helpless I wander the hallways at UH like a lost soul. DOOMED! I see myself haunting the hallways outside the labs after I die, trying to get in. One thing which makes me hopeful is that others have gone through this before me, and have not only remained sane, but have managed to become if not experts, at least proficient enough to teach others. (I saw Nitsa at the lab helping other students) I must say Kevin Bogan's Information documents are life-savers. Thank you so much Kevin for all your help!!

... One thing these papers have in common is the apparent determination of the students to conquer their ignorance of it. Some take it in stride and a sense of humor, others take a more serious approach. The two generations differ mostly in that generation two had the ability to refer to generation one, while generation one was a stand alone. The students of generation two and three can benefit other generations, especially Kevin's papers. I am not sure which is better, though, to have had him there to help like generation one or to be able to pull up his papers to get information. This difference seems to have helped generation two tremendously.

Rey Cortez, G2

The next report from G1 that I read was Kyle Fujii's. This guy sounded so depressed he mentioned that he felt hopeless and frustrated. He also said that he felt like he was getting nowhere and wanted to drop the class, but he could not drop this class because he needs it to graduate. Well, same here. I too felt like dropping this class but I also need it to graduate. I wanted to drop it, but something inside me felt like staying in this class. I guess the thought of having a homepage and having it viewed by many people made me want to stay. I also thought that I should stay with this because this was different. It's not like one of those regular boring classes where you sit in class and listen to the professor and go home and read the book. I think that style is getting kinda boring it's time that I try something different.

I noticed that the contents and style of Delia and Kyle's report were similar to mine. They both showed signs of frustration and hopelessness. I am glad that I read their reports, now I know that we (Genration 2) were not the only ones to have suffered through the first couple weeks of this class. As I read their other reports it seemed that they were not runnning into major problems anymore. Their writing style became more free as if they had confidence in the work that they were doing. Overall, reading their reports gave me an idea of how other students thought and felt about Psychology 409. It is very interesting when we show the same reactions.

Gina Domingo, G2

I am just wondering if the week report to come is not too hard to handle. I know that the first time in netscape was really a disaster for me. It was like a plague that came in to your life without prior noticed. Now I felt like I can breathe a little and smell the fresh air, but I still have pain though. I still feel pressured from all the work to do. I just realized that my brain is sore. I don't know if I am making myself clear here. It is embarrassing to publish my report in the world wide web when I don't even understand what I am trying to say.

Braden Kato, G2

Many students in G1 talked about confusion on the internet, and how the air gradually got clearer as time went by. A lot of students also give advice to future generations concerning this class. They advise such things as to keep at it and never give up, ask for help if you need to, and not to fret over things that you can't do. Many also advise taking notes as new things are learned, and not limiting yourself to one aspect of the internet such as only using one engine, staying in the same area of search, and so forth. One student even advised to take a break and eat ice cream when things get stressful. I think if I took this advice, I would weigh about 300 pounds by now!

Nitsa McCarthy, G2

After reading several reports it was evident that we, Generation Two (i.e. only one semester away), are relatively more productive and tech-advanced than them. Nitsa's survey found that, in terms of productivity, their reports were published on the WWW after the third or fourth week of classes whereas our generation's reports were there by the second week. Way to go class! Moreover, they explored the Internet via the "dully" Lynx pages (i.e. graphics, colors are not implemented on Lynx) for five or six weeks whereas we got to explore Netscape on our first week's task. Also, compared to their weekly tasks, our weekly tasks seem much more complex and structured then theirs. That is, each week we have to rate, discuss, report our experiences, emotions, etc. while learning the Internet and on top of that we also have these team reports. Do I hear myself complaining? Seriously, I just wonder what the syllabus for the generations to come will look like and, more importantly, what would be their reaction to our reports. I bet that by then we will be looked at as a cyber-stone-age Generation Two.

Lori Morita, G2

This week was negative-emotion free, and left me completely satisfied with the computer systems. I believe this score is attributable to being able to use the computer any way I chose; and encountering almost no frustration. Looking for ways to make my home page more than just pablum is something I have experience in (although you might not be able to tell, from my home page), and this makes all the difference in the world for me. It is the feeling of competency that positively correlates with my feeling of satisfaction. I feel this is the way with most people, and although I could be wrong, I have not seen any real evidence to the contrary.

Jeana Chen, G3

What is going on?! When I first read about this class, I was so excited. I thought this was my one chance to learn something I always wanted...this was my one chance to finally get on the information highway. So far, I have been hopelessly lost. I am not even sure if what I am typing now would do anything on Netscape. Well, here goes!

It works! It finally worked! What should I do now?

Christine Huisman, G3

My journeys through G2 and G1 were quite interesting. It was to see everyone's home page and how they decorated it. It was weird because people's home pages determined whether or not I wanted to continue reading their reports or not. I noticed that G1's homepages are not as colorful and lively looking as G2's and it finally hit me that back then when the class first started the technology wasn't that good. You can really see the differences in the two generations!.

Amy Lam, G3

Being in the 3rd generation of traffic psychology, I find it very hard to do my work at home even having a modem. There have been several times that I couldn't get through the phone line for more than two hours, and errors jammed in that disconnected my line before the limited time ran out. The sudden disconnection cost me many extra hours and loss of sleep because I didn't SAVE in time. I admit that I was very upset and frustrated. I even wanted to swear, but it was my carelessness. I should have saved it every so often. Here is a suggestion to everyone who is doing work on the computer and through modem, SAVE your work often before it is too late! Although I have a modem at home now, I still recommend people to do as much work at school as possible, because there are many other frustrating and weird problems which you will run into when working through a modem. It is best to eliminate all the problems and time-wasting by using the computers in school. Plus even when you run into any problems, there is also someone to get help from in school. ...
Surfing through netscape was never a thing that I would normally do on my spare time, but now it became a daily thing for me to do. It, in fact, it is taking up most of my spare time. Still I am not really enjoying it; I used to hate computers because it is so artificial and gives me a headache whenever I use it for several hours for getting my papers done. Another reason is whenever my boyfriend lands his hand on the computer for Netscape, he will never stop. He used to always tell me to give him 15 more minutes before he goes, but I ended up waiting for him for an hour or so.

Sherman Lee, G3

Prior to this class I really had no formal training in the use of computers other than microsoft word and E-mail, other than those practical programs I guess one could say that I'm computer illiterate. Along with this condition comes "Technophobia," which is a fear of technology, and in my case is computers. It not so much that I am afraid of computers as an object but the fact that I get intimidated by things that I am not used to. Luckily for me I have an opportunity this semester to face my fears by learning about the use and the need for computers and hopefully by the end I would have rid my self of this crippling ailment.

Troy Yamamoto, G3

Traffic Psychology? What the heck is Traffic Psychology? These were some of the questions that ran through my head when I was searching for classes to take for the Spring Semester. Dr. Leon James did a good job in marketing the class, using the popular World Wide Web as a source of studying Traffic Psychology. One of my main reasons for taking the class was to learn more about the world wide web. Let me tell you, a big surprise was waiting for me and the rest of my classmates. I had no idea we were going to create our own home pages on the net. I thought these kinds of things were left for computer specialist and people who live at the computer terminal to create. Boy were my expectations totally off.

Jeana Chen, G3

I noticed I almost never tailgate. When I am driving, I am oblivious to the outside world. I go on my own pace, I don't really care if others tailgate me, race me, or pass me. If tailgaters won't leave me alone and make me nervous or angry, I'd either change lanes, drive even slower, or step on my brakes a few times. Quoting from her Report 2 Darkness, anger, depression, confusion...were few of the things I had felt in the beginning. You would too, if you spend every free minute trying to squeeze into a computer lab and get absolutely no result after working for hours and hours. Sometimes I would leave the lab feeling so sick at myself for my hopeless incompetence that I'd think of dropping (I never dropped a class in my life). Why? Why did I enroll into a class which require the use of a computer...the monster sitting before me now...something I don't know anything about? I have thrown myself into the 8th ring of Dante's hell. Nothing I whine or moan about can help me now.

Noreen Dorion, G3

It is true that working at home is more relaxing and comfortable. There's also the advantage of eating while working on your personal computer. I think I get more things done coming to school and working at the computer labs here even if it means coming to school even if I don't have classes that day. I usually stay for a good five hours straight or even more. I think I've already developed an ulcer. I usually can't leave the computer to grab something to eat because there are too many people waiting to use the computer and I don't want to lose it. There are definitely the pros and cons of having a computer at home. Perhaps, one of these days I will get my own server. I'm not exactly sure how that works yet. My roommate is hooked up to an outside server. I'll look into it later. I also have a problem with the phone line because I have five other roommates. It's hard to keep phone calls from coming. There goes another expense. That is, to get another phone line. Boy this class is getting very expensive. It is true Dr.James did not require us to get a textbook but all this amounts to more than one text.

Donna Handoe, G3

I feel that this is a very innovative way to learn and I'm quite happy to be a part of G3. I hope that I will be able to add a few new insights to all the great ideas in traffic psychology left behind by the previous generations. They've explored numerous topics in the subject of traffic and I just hope that my exploration of some of these topics will help someone in the next generation better understand their driving behaviors and their subsequent transformations into facilitative drivers. Most all, I hope that I will be successful in eliciting a change in my own driving persona because when I get behind the wheel, my personality alters and I become a traffic bully. I also definitely possess some of the bad habits described in the reports from generations 1 and 2. I do expect to have a really great time conducting further explorations of this media and gaining some extremely useful information along the way. And from her Report 2
As I await my grade, I am again filled with trepidation. I am no longer afraid of facing the unknown because I had confronted my computer-phobia and come out quite well. I walked into the first class terribly frightened and computer illiterate, now, although I still have a lot to learn, I have come a long way relatively quickly. I am very proud of the strides I've taken in this class and how much better I am at dealing with the Internet; now fear will no longer hold me back. I just worry that the grade I receive will not reflect the tremendous amount of time,effort, and strain I have put into this project. A little advice I can offer future generations is to just face your fears with a lot of hard work and perseverence. If I can do it you most certainly can too.

Christine Huisman, G3

I think the reason why I had so much fun with Todd's file was because I could relate to him in so many ways. He talks about people who drive for miles with their blinker on and don't even know it until they want to use it to turn. How stupid they must feel!!! I have an uncle that is hard of hearing so he can't hear the blinker making the "clik,clik" sound so he doesn't know that it is on but I really doubt if all those people who drive with it on are hard of hearing!! It drives me up the walls that sometimes I will drive next to them and tell them that their blinker is on!! And from her Report 2
I must admit that without the help of fellow students such as Cynthia, Sherman, and Conrad I don't think I'd be where I am today!! Cynthia knew a lot of short cuts using Netscape which some I passed on to Sherman and he utilized for himself and then taught me a few things. They were always there to drag me to the lab even if I didn't feel like going because they knew I had to get work done. How thoughtful of them yah??

Conrad Moreno, G3

I have begun to notice these past few weeks that our class has been pulling together to help one another with problems. Some people in the class are more ahead than others and it has been these people who have been contributing their time into helping those who need to catch up. I personally feel that this class has grown into a very strong community, where everyone is ready to help one another.

Carol Ohta, G3

I still feel that I'm computer illiterate because the computer industry is always looking for new ways to improve the computer technology and updating everything. I know for a fact that I'll always be computer illiterate. The only thing is that will I survive trying to keep up with the changes in the computer world? I don't think I'll ever know until the time comes to leave computers forever.

I just wish I was I computer genius and could do anything on the computer, but then again, if I was Dr.James would probably figure out another way to get me all crazy. I wonder at times if he's only there to make me go crazy to figure out what I need in each file and report. I feel like I'm losing my mind here. Wow, whatever you do, this class is a lot of work for first experiences on the Internet. I wouldn't lie to you, please believe me! Dr.James please slow down because my brain is going into over load.

I'm afraid that I might need some therapy during this semester on the Internet because there's no end to the capability of the computer world, at lease I didn't find the end. Good luck if we're looking for the end and please don't tell me because it'll only make me go insane if you have a heart. I think the computer industry is making a killing on us the computer knowledge seekers. Is there ever going to be an end? Somehow I don't think so. Right, the wave of the future is only computers. At lease that's the saying all over the television.

Gaye Tarutani Reynalds, G3

Even when I was not able to get my password into the CSS account, I went to Help Desks (who told me to go to my instructor) and other students. I was too intimidated to let Dr. James know how lost and confused I was. He sometimes speaks as though he is very angry when we have our discussions in class. I was offended during the 2/29/96 class when he accused the "slow one" of being selfish. We had not contributed information into our peer's TPR reports. I felt indignant and offended and wanted to tell him that I was not selfish, I was "stupid." I wanted to remind him that this is a college class, not a football team and that communication style alters the outcome and I did not appreciate the style of communication he used on us in class. At one point, I was so mad and frustrated I was going to quit altogether. Instead, I went to work on my computer. As I worked and learned more, I realized he was correct. If I could have put in more time on the computer, I would be closer to finishing helping myself and I could move on to help others. My lesson here was to get over the emotions as soon as possible. It sickens the body and blocks thought. When possible, it is also highly recommended that students of Dr. James obtain a home computer and modem or find one you can occassionally use.