Course Syllabus for Psych 409b (WI & O) 
Spring 2010,  G31, BUSAD D105 (Tuesdays 1:00 to 3:30 pm)


Instructor: Dr. Leon James, Professor of Psychology

You can meet with the instructor before and after each class, and by appointment. Please email him.

Course Description: Best Friends in Love: Natural and Spiritual Dimensions of Marriage and Couplehood

This research seminar examines three styles of interaction practiced by couples – dominance, equity, and unity. We will review the process of becoming a completely unified couple, known popularly as “soul mates.” This involves acquiring substantive ideas about the afterlife of eternity where soul mates live. Students will make oral presentations on three popular books on counseling for couples that exemplify each relationship style. Students will collaborate in writing a report of their analysis of the media portrayals of the three relationship styles, including TV, movies, magazines, song lyrics, You Tube videos, virtual world, and the Web. Students publish their reports on the Web to become part of the cumulative Hawaii Online Generational Curriculum that Dr. James has maintained since 1994.


(1) What Women Want Men to Know (2001) by Barbara De Angelis (New York: Hyperion)

(2) You Just Don’t Understand (2001) by Deborah Tannen (New York: Harper)

(3) The Proper Care and Feeding of Marriage (2007) by Laura Schlessinger (New York: Harper).

(4) The Unity Model of Marriage (2008) by Leon James. Online Lecture Notes available here


GRADES:  Point value of activities

40 points

Oral Grade. Individual and team oral presentations

60 points

WI grade. Appearance, content, and quality of your Web site containing your Home Page and the two required reports. For the two reports combined, the total length of your own text must exceed 20 pages of standard format, or about 7200 words.

A+ =95 points; A =94-90; A- =89-85; B+ =84-80; B =79-75; B- =74-70
C+ =69-65; C=64-60; C- =59-55;  D=54-50; F=49-0


Attendance is required and is taken at the start of each class. Being late for class or leaving early: -1 point each occurrence. Penalty points are on account of non-participation in oral and interactive exercises when not present in class. Absence Penalty: - 3 points per absence.  Late Work Penalty: - 3  points per week late per item, up to -9 points per item.   Due Dates are announced in class and by email.

Grading Policy:  You will receive email from the instructor with your grade for each report you publish on the Web, along with instructions on how you can improve it. Corrections according to instructions can add points to your grade. For your oral presentations, you will receive email feedback on your oral presentations and class activities.

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