Syllabus for Psych 409b, Fall 1996
Studying an Online Learning Community

Instructor: Dr. Leon James, Professor of Psychology

Seminar on Studying an Online Learning Community

Online learning communities on the World Wide Web constitute a new social phenomenon with still unknown characteristics which will be explored in this seminar on cyber-psychology. Students will learn to use Netscape to navigate the Internet and its search engines. Students will have access to the members of a local learning community on the Web and will explore their Home Page Sites and activities. All reports are to be published on the Web in accordance with instructions. Class discussions will include methods of studying this online community and the social psychological principles it exhibits.

Help Hours: Gartley Hall 213, T, W, R 12-1 and Porteus 635, T, W, R 2:00-3:30.

Telephone: Campus office: 956-8005; Home office & messages: 261-2382



Class time: Tuesday 1:00 - 3:30, Dean 105 and Lab in Porteus 635

Grades: Point system as follows:

Weekly Internet Reports published on WWW Home Page = 70 points

Oral class presentations = 30 points

A=85 points; B=84-70; C=69-60; D=50-50; F=49

Absence penalty= -5 per class (week); Late work penalty= -3 per week late.

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