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Instructions for the
g12newsgroups.html file

_____ 0) This report must have the following main heading:

My Experience with Newsgroups
Note: replace xxx with a fitting sub-title of your own choosing!

1) First you need to explore the various Newsgroups reports written by prior generations.  Here is an index of most of them now available.  You'll need to spend several sessions exploring--make sure you use your Bookmarks or your Favorites to keep track for later.  Also, have your word processor open so you can take notes as you go along, including copy/pasting addresses for links.  Take notes on the structure of their sections and paragraphs.  Your job is to do what they did, but to improve on it.

2) One suggestion for improvement:  using more psychology concept to interpret the various observations you make about people's behavior and mentality in Newsgroups.

3) Another suggestion for improvement is to contrast Newsgroups and how people behave in them. Does it have to do with the topic, the people, the tradition?

4) Be sure you have a clickable Table of Contents at the top of the file and a clickable Navigation Table at the bottom.  Make sure that the first entry says Instructions for this Report and gives this page as the address which is: www.soc.hawaii.edu/leonj/leonj/leonpsy11/g11newsgroups.html

5) Make sure all your links work by clicking on them several times.

6) Make sure your <title> field is filled out as follows:  Your First and Last Name, G11, Spring 1999, Course Number, Newsgroups Report

7) When you post your g11newsgroups.html file you need to fill out the Ratings here.

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