G8/Spring 1998
Psych 409a

Instructions for the Report on
Safety Activism on the Information Highway

Before anything: Bookmark this address because you'll need to visit places, then come back here. Be sure to read through the whole instructions two or three times before you start any part of it!!
Note: Before you proceed, please check the instructions for your generations.html file and your newsgroups.html file on how to format the various sections of this report. The instructions there also apply here.

This report must have the file name of "report1.html" or "report2.html" depending on which order it was done--due dates announced in class), and must have the following main heading:

Safety Activism on the Information Highway:
Note: The xxx means you need to add your own sub-heading to reflect your theme or approach.


The ** tell you that this should be a separate section, with a tagged sub-title that is listed in the Table of Contents as a link.

Note: The little line next to each number should be checked only when that item is fully completed!

_____ 1) Go to this address on the Web and after reading the chapter, start exploring the links in it, as explained next.

_____ 2) Look for any link that involves some safety activism by groups, organizations, societies, schools, institutes, foundations, individuals, newspapers, magazines, government, insurance, and commercial or business sites. Safety activism means that the site, page, or article is advocating something for the sake of greater safety, such as a point of view, or procedure to be followed or legislated or enforced.

_____ 3) Select 20 links (most, though not all should be from this chapter), and group them into several categories (between 4 and 7 categories or groupings). Number each grouping and give it a **tagged sub-title (for Table of Contents entires). Now give each link in each category and add an explanation after each link. Your explanation should cover these topics:

_____ 4) **What type of activism is it advocating? Who are its supporters? Is it convincing to you--can you go along or not? Is it important? Can it be effective? What are its methods and approach? How does it fit in the overall scheme of things in the traffic safety world? (Note: go over your text: have you answered all 7 questions?)

_____ 5) Take a look at how other students in your class have done this report (when the drafts are posted). Describe your impressions and reactions to the reports you look at--link to them. How do they compare with yours in
(a) content, (b) approach, and (c) presentation.
Note: hurry up and post your draft of this report so others can complete this part of it!! Please email the class when your report is first posted.

_____ 6) Add a **tagged Conclusion section explaining how you think future generations can use your document for studying the psychology of safety activism in cyberspace. How can they further your project to its next step? How can they further your project to its next step? Summarize the steps you've taken and those of other G8 students, then indicate future directions for G8 and beyond--be very specific. Consult your class notes to see what you have on it, or bring it up on class email discussion.

_____ 7) Add a centered h1 heading, calling the document:
Safety Activism on the Information Highway:
_____ 8) Put this in your [title] field: FN, LN, Safety Activism on the Information Highway, G8/Spring 1998, Psychology 409a

_____ 9) Place a Table of Contents at the top of the document with links to all the tagged sub-titles (see **).

_____ Note: Students often forget this item--but it is required: The first item in the Table of Contents MUST be called Instructions for this Report and it must be a live link to this document

_____ 10) Be sure you add a Navigation Table and e-mail button at the bottom of the document.

_____ 11) Using your web browser, check your document screen by screen: no screen should be made of just one paragraph (i.e., no paragraph should exceed one screen full--it's too hard to read that way!)

_____ 12) Spell check your document before uploading!!

_____ 13) Check the visibility of your text: patterned backgrounds are not allowed. Darker colors are not allowed. White bgcolor is always excellent, especially if you vary the font face, color, and size to enhance visibility and emphasis (no blinking text allowed). Remember: your text looks different in different browsers and computers, so you need to experiment and ask others. You may also use graphic enhancers such as color bars, color dots, icons. However, animated icons are a problem if they distract attention from the text. Using the Table tag in html allows easy control over the color of each column and the placement of text on the screen. See this example for how to change the color of fonts. See this student's effective use of varied font faces, colors, and sizes.

_____ 14) Check the way your document loads after it contains everything. How long does it take? Does text appear on the screen while one waits, or is it blank? Slow loads and blank screens are not allowed, so you must choose graphics that are low in memory size!

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