Search Engines and the People Who Love Them

Hosted By:
Reynilda Cortez
Lori Morita

So you say you're looking to find something? Well, ma'am, that's what we're here for; Team 4 at your service.

Sort of.

SO there were problems. When we got into Netscape, we clicked the Internet Search icon because that seemed like the most logical choice. It gave a number of options.

Not that we knew what any of them meant. We had just come from the dreaded Week 1 tasks, and had learned a valuable lesson: print everything you think may be a resource for later.

Engaging Infoseek Search meant a great deal of time. It took forever to load. However, it was a very pretty home page. Hitting Search Tips will get you started, and walk you through a search. It provides Hints, Syntax, Refining Your Search, and Finding and Adding Web Sites links. Engaging Hints provides clues to why you may be stuck in CyberGridLock, or flat out rejected.

One of the interesting things is that once you begin a link, it takes you through each following link, without you having to go back to the link listing itself. We saved some time there (hint hint!).

There are examples of Good Searches and Bad Searches, which makes all the difference in the world when you're out floating in Cyberspace. Check out the trial for Infoseek, on the Tips page, located at the very end of the document. Hey, free stuff is free stuff. Let us know if you come across any free search engine trials. We're looking for it hard, fast, and burning. But we need some time. We'll get there, if the audience is kind and doesn't blow us up.

Comments?Callins?ButNoBombThreats,Please.We give NO finals, really.