Week 3: Some stuff to help

Cynthia looked into Netsearch-html himts and tricks and found the One Minute Guide: Netscape Navigator's Top Secrets. The guide has: easy short cuts, bookmark basics, internet talk tech (a glossary of internet terms), get hired (essential job links) and a shopping mall.

Curtis looked into NCSA's Beginners Guide to HTML
but there was nothing there. He then went into the Netscape assistance and found the following information: creating un-numbered lists, numbered lists, definitions and nested lines.

I looked into UNIX commands and checked out a link called the fundamentals of UNIX, this stuff was rather esoteric and not very helpful but maybe later it might. The only information I gleaned from t his was that the command apropos, means the same as help. I then checked out the link Advanced UNIX Commands and found absolutely nothing I could make sense of but it did have UNIX help for users and an alphabetical index (gotta love the alphabetical lists). That's all for now kids.

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