Weekly Reports

My Stuff

Week1:Using the Internet for the First time

Week2:Using the Internet for the Second time

Week3:Using UNIX and Pine

Week4:Using FTP and UNIX

Week5:Putting up a Homepage

Week6:Catching up and Beautifying my Homepage

Week7:Exploring Generation One Part 1

Week8:Exploring Generation One Part 2

Week12:Exploring the Team Reports

Final Report

Group Stuff

Week1 Report

Week 2 Report

Week 3 Report

Week 4 Report

Week 5 Report

Week 6 Report

Week 7 Report

Week 8 Report

Week 9 Report

Week 10 Report

Week 11 Report

Week 12 Report

Week 13 Report

Week 14 Report

My Fellow Team Members

Curtis Nakao

Cynthia Yap

Other Bits and Cool Links

The Generation 1 Alternate Homepage (That I Stole [For Week 5 Report])

Dr. James' Homepage

Generation One

My Topical Index Thing

The Fuddy Duddy Homepage
My pal Johnny Jujubee introduces you to FD,a Hawaii punk rock fanzine, the bands on FD records, and the FD punk rock show on KTUH. It's all for the kids.

The Punk Page
Chock full o' punk, complete with band photos and soundclips.

WWW Beer Places and Jumps
Hey, I like a good brew as much as the next guy, but this is ridiculous

Don H's Beer Page
More beer than should be legal

NBA Page
I love this game

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