This week I went into the Open Text Power Search and typed in "car driving." It gave me a small list of links one of which was called Car Ride. By the title alone I figured that it would be appropriate for our team reports so I clicked on it.

The page that came up contained a story about two guys, Thomas and Sheung, who were just driving around and listening to music. They were not going anywhere in particular just driving around.

The main focus of the story seemed to be the inability to decide on what type of music to listen to. No matter what station either one of them chose, the other always had something negative to say about it.

Gee, I always thought that the driver had the last word on what was listened to in the car.

The relationship to social psychology would probably be what effects, if any, does the music that you listen to affect the way that you drive. Does the same music affect you in the same way each time, or are there ather factors involved? Cynthia's Report.
Rochelle's Report.
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