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PSY. 459


Weekly Group Reports: Driving stories and confessions.

Weeks 1-8.

Weeks 9-16.

Self-Witnessing Reports and Driver Makeover Plans.

Report 1: Initial Self -assessment as a Driver.

Report 2: My Driving Personality Makeover Plan.

Report 3: Traffic Psychology on the Internet. Part One.

Report 4: Traffic Psychology on the Internet. Part Two.

Report 5: Traffic Psychology Among Your Classmates.

Report 6: Last Will and Testament

Links to My Partners in Crime:

Cynthia Yap.

Rochelle Tactacan.

Links to the BIG CHEESE!!!!

Dr. James.

His topical index.

Links to Other Classes.

Psy. 459 Generation One.

Psy. 459 Generation Two. ( That's us. )

Psy. 409 Cyber-Communities Generation One.

Psy. 409 Cyber-Communities Generation Two.

My Psy. 409 Home Page.

My Psy. 409 Topical Index.

Links to Other Students Labs and Weekly Reports.

Generation One:

Generation Two:

Other Points of Interest.

ChrisL's Home Page. Funny driving stuff from the U.K.

Some Search Engines. Seek and you shall find.

Some Multiple Search Engine Sites. One is the lonliest number....

ESPNet. da da da dadada!

The Sci-Fi Channel: The Dominion. I saw this flashing light.......

Friends. Courteney Cox is such a BABE!!!!

Star Trek. Space, the final frontier.....

Star Trek: The Next Generation. Engage....

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Welcome to Quark's Bar....

Star Trek: Voyager. We're going home...

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