Cynthia Yap's Group Report #9:

Group Report #9:

While surfing through the net, I came across a page called ALT-TRANS. This is a coalition for transportation alternatives in the state of Washington. There is a list of all the things they believe and they five some statistics. Some interesting statistics are
in the state of Washington, the largest source of air pollution is cars
Traffic accidents kill around 40,000 pople in the US each year and seriously injure 500,000 more

The page also talks about how we can improve our commuting world. Other alternatives suggested are to walk, ride the bus, carbool, and bicycle.

This is useful to traffic psychology because it talks about how we can be better people to our enviornment by using different forms of transportation. We can also become reduce the amount of deaths due to cars if there were less cars on the road. Everyone should do their part to help reduce traffic. Since most people are attatched to their cars, try carpooling. If all the people who drive alone carpool, that would be half the number of cars on he road.

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