Amy Lam: On A Clear Day

On A Clear Day

analyzed by Celia De Grandis

1. On a clear day, try and look around you.
  • Use your cognitive dynamics
  • 2. And you'll see how lucky you are.
  • Appreciate--A positive bias will
  • 3. On a clear day how it will astound you,
  • Transform negative emotions into performance dynamics
  • 4. That the glow of your being outshines every star.
  • Marvel at your own Astrodynamics
  • 5. You'll feel part of every mountain, sea and shore.
  • Sense the wonder of spiritual genetics
  • 6. You will hear from far and near,
  • Accept cross cultural differences
  • 7. The words you never heard before.
  • And hear the music of psycho linguistics
  • 8. On a clear day--On a clear day,
  • You three fold self and spiritual awakening will merge,
  • 9. You will see forever, and ever more.
  • With the psychospiritual forces of collective evolution; into theeternal intersubjectivity of the cosmos

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