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To all visitors, these songs are analysed by a group of passionate social psychology students of Dr. Leon James in the Spring of 1982. They were taught how to do the analyses and were given the social psychology vocabulary to use for it as it was part of their course. They reflected the soul of each student! If you would like to do what these students have done or just plainly wanted to dedicate a song to someone with your own analysis, you could just do so by simply e-mailing me with your song and your analysis of it. (Please state whom the song is dedicated to if it's a dedication, thank you!)

1. On A Clear Day | 2. The Logical Song | 3. For You I'd Chase a Rainbow | 4. Here I Am | 5. The Grand Illusion | 6. The Bond of Love | 7. Evergreen | 8. Prisoner | 9. In My Room | 10. Watching The River Run | 11.Good Times | 12.The Woman in the Moon | 13.The Games People Play | 14.Magic Power | 15.Goodbye | 16.Greatest Love of All | 17.The Stranger | 18.The Wall | 19.Da-Da |