Confessions: Cyberspace Things by Catherine Heller

Confessions: Cyberspace Things

Generational Viewpoints
Generation One's views on learning Generation One's views on traffic
Generation Two's views on learning Generation Two's views on traffic
Generation Three's views on learning

What are you doing in cyberspace?

Learn anything especially interesting?

See any MIRACULOUS sights?

Met someone simply amazing?

Anything that you want to try in the relative safety of cyberspace?

Drop a line and describe any or all of your experiences with the tool of the future. Your discoveries may help someone overcome their FEAR of the computer.
You can write about things you've seen on the internet and their address so others can visit the sight. You can also write about things that aren't offered on the internet and you think should be. You can also tell others about people you've met through chat lines or just wandering around the internet.
You can help others not so fortunate as yourself by jotting down the wonderfully amazing things you got from the INFORMATION SUPERHIGHWAY.

No anonymous contributions will be accepted so please leave a name.

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