Daily Hassles that Drive Me Crazy

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to my database made up of a collection of daily things that "drive us crazy". This database is just one of many others that together make up the "World Ideas Bank." There are 26 other databases covering many different topics. This database is about anything that drives you crazy.

Some examples could be:

Fighting traffic
Waking up in the morning
Looking for parking
Standing in lines
Doing homework

These are just a few brief examples of what you may think are hassles that drives you crazy. It could be anything that gives you stress, or just makes you want to stop what you are doing and SCREAM! It's up to you what you decide to write (as long as it pertains to the topic). Remember, YOU make up the World Ideas Bank. Please submit your thoughts and ideas. The whole world is waiting to see what you think. For a more thorough explanation of what the World Ideas Bank is you can visit my Professor's Home Page . Or you can look at other people's contributions to get an idea of what you should submit.

Please make a contribution .

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This database is being maintained by Garrett Chun. If you have any questions or comments, please

e-mail me.