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From calvinc@hawaii.eduTue Feb 27 14:52:50 1996 Date: Tue, 20 Feb 1996 01:17:53 -1000 From: Calvin Cheung To: Subject: proud of what am i proud of gee, I have alot of pride man of my friends call being beyond the verge of egotism. So I'll try not to tell things I've achieved. I'm really proud that i have three great friends. One of them is Ezra. He lives up to his biblical name. He is a true and tried Christian. He is so honest sometimes i wonder if he's human sometimes. I respect him alot especially after he beat me at tennis once "on one of my bad days of course". He's also extremely intellegent and buff due to construction work. He's also the second or third smartest guy in the class, and gave the valecdictorian a run for his money. James is one of my best friends, also. He's also one of the smartest guys in my class. He's a real japanese. Faithful, obediant (to his parents of course) and upon occasions stupid enough to go on one of my wild and crazy excusions like the time we went hiking on he second most dangerous hike here. Of course he said it wasn't hiking and was more rock climbing. So we could've died and hade to scale a side of a cliff and climb a few areas with a rope no big deal. I like all my few friends alot cause i know I can depend on them. Edmund oh boy, intellecual wild card is all I can say, always bites of more than he can chew and whether he wins or not is totally unpredictable. That reminds me of the time some of the toughest guys in the class raided us at a camp. We'll needless to say I was pissed and they were not. So I with another memeber of our class raided everyone room while they were out swimming. Things got nasty since my partner in crime went way out of control after i did my fair share. the guys "got" us back but it was no big deal cause i expected it and had nothing valuable unlike the tough guys, heh heh heh. Realizing that it's tough to manipulate us or make us made they wanted to raid us at the next camp. What happened well my friends stuck with me in the same cabin against all of them during their raids which failed to get me heheh and got another innocent bystander. Well everyone left the cabin but my friends knowing that there would still be more raids. Luckily Edmund brought a lock or we would of been raided. In the end the raiders had to clean up the mess outside or they would get in trouble and we had a good nights rest heheh. I think the guys in my class hated me a little more after that. I was so proud that me and my friends defeated all the guys in my class. I had real friends who stuck with me. They never got me back yet and they were lucky cause I would of nailed them in their brightest hour, during graduation in a little speech. I still have them as frriends. Heheh one works in a mac lab, one is a computer major working in either in IBM or Mac lab and the other likes fooling around on computers. God, I'm proud to have such friends. I'm so &%^&(6(! lucky ************ ...................******************************

I'm Claire from PSY 409 and I just wanted to share a little something that I'm proud of. My new year's resolution was to control my temper better, and although I have to consciously remind myself about it all the time, both me and my boyfriend can see a difference. An example is last week my boyfriend thought that he would do something nice for me and drive the car to pick me up from class. The thing is that I got out of class early and so I ended up walking all around campus-from Bus Ad to the parking structure and back looking for him. My feet were sore and tired from walking because I had on my new shoes. However, I realized that he had good intentions and was trying to do something nice for me, and I was not upset at all. I know it's not a big deal, but it's a small step. ~claire

Kwanzaa a Celebration of Traditions and Pride for African-Americans By ROB LAYMON The Press of Atlantic City Online - Tue 12-26-1995 Every year since the mid-1970s, teacher Marjorie Beard has devoted several hours a week to teaching about Kwanzaa. Beard's first graders at the Martin Luther King Jr. School in Atlantic City learn about Kwanzaa's seven principals. They light candles on the Kinara. They pass the chalice of unity. "It doesn't take a lot of time in class," Beard said. "Kwanzaa is all about tradition and pride in what you are. So in a sense we celebrate it every day." E-mail The Press. 1995 The Press of Atlantic City
Pride for African-Americans ************************************************************************* student writting poems about pride email: A Collection of Poems from Students of the Grade Eight Cluster<\a> ************************************************************************ We provide this directory on our site, as a link to information on Native American Indians, helping you to learn of their past, present and future. We hope that you find all the sites here to be of interest, and if you have information that you feel might be good to add to these sites, please submit it to Gail Lang at PRIDE, and we will take a look and see if it is possible to add. Please submit to the <\a> ****************************************************************************** THE PRIDE NETWORK SEND MORE INFO on any Gay / Lesbian / Bisexual / Transgender Pride events. THE STORY OF PRIDE | FIGHTING FOR OUR RIGHTS | GOOD TIMES | WHY | EVENTS IN THE U.S./May through October | IN CANADA | IN AUSTRALIA | IN EUROPE | OTHER PARTS OF THE WORLD <\a> ********************************************************************
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