Chatelain Jasmine: "Moments to remember: What I am proud of"

Moments to remember:
What I am proud of

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Aloha I am a social psychologist at the University of Hawaii.
After reading, you can leave me your very important contributions.
Yes I am talking about what you are proud of so tell me,
-Did you ever do something out of altruism only ?
-Did you ever accomplish something physically or intellectually that you thought you could never have done it.
-Do you feel pride in being a university student, or to have the job you have?
-Did you feel pride when you talked to a friend and made a diference in his life?
-Did you feel pride when you save the life of a smaller animal
Well, I am sure you have plenty of memorable stories that you could share with me pride of.
Mahalo for your graceful contribution to the internet mind, and my new research.

We are a living in a time of universal communication.
=>so be part of it, and share your experience with us,
and please signe your contribution.
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To e-mail me your contributions Here are some links I did on Gopher, releated to my topic : " moments to remember: what I am pride of" 1. Pride of African-american 2. Pride of Thai. 3. Pride of a Swimm team 4. Pride of student 5. Pride of football fan.
pride to be thai **************************************************************************
proud swimmer
proud student
football pride