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High Way 17--page of shame
People Who Fail to Stop at Stop Signs and Signals
What Every Driver Must Know
What to do When Lights and Sirens Approach

My Homepage

Wayne's World


Report 1

My Travels Through G1 and G2

Blind Attempt
Appearance of G1 and G2 Homepages

Content of G1 and G2 Homepages

Report 2

My Adapting to the Internet

What is Happening?
Frustrated Beginning
Sudden Enlightenment
Cyber Addiction
To Conquer Netscape

Icons and Copyright
Cyber Insanity

Report 3

My Driving Persona Makeover Plan

Blank Out

Possible Causes
G1 and G2 Blank Outs The Change
The Cure

Report 4

Resistance to Traffic Psychology

What is Resistance?
Finding the Subject

Initial Denial
Initial Resistance
The Plan
Final Assessment

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