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I Can't Stop Running Stop Signs and Lights

By Jeana Chen

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Welcome to my Traffic Psychology Resource database! Are you one of those who accelerates at a yellow light and jams on the gas pedal at the red?

You are not the only one who doesn't stop completely at a stop sign. Read other people's Contributions to my database and find out what they think and how they deal with this maddening obsession.

If you can identify with them, and feel that wicked tingling urge to contribute your own stories and solutions, please give me some of your adventurous, wild, knowledgeable, wacky, enlightened, naughty, wise...well, just about any kind of feedback...right here, oki-doki? I could always use more!

Contributions Just when you thought you were the only one running stop lights and signs...
Have a ball with these daredevils' tales...don't forget to contribute one of your own!

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