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Kevin Bogan's page is the least bit dramatic in presentation although there is a clip art bust of a Washington(I think...) and a full color snap shot of GENERATION ONE in the introduction.
The bland introduction is deceiving though. The amount of information one can aquire of his page is more than surface deep. This page shares an extensive source of info bits which will set the confused on their way or at least give them the general direction. Don't look for many gifs you can bum off of because this lack of icons is surely compensated by the amount of info tidbits.
At first glance, the page is really busy with all the text, but if you investigate further you can find your way around.
Overall appearance: Minimal Effects.
Overall info source: Rich and meaty with information.
Overall organization: Good organization considering the size of his database.

Checking out Kevin Bogan's FAQ section contained only four entries from which I found two entries useful in starting in the creation of my HTML documents.TO KEVIN BOGAN'S FAQ SECTION

I went into Kevin's Help-Full Links and then appropriated myself into a section "In the WWW Server" from where I headed into The CSS Guide to Making HTML. I found that this area gave a good overview of the subject but it may confuse those who are lost to begin with. I suggest not clicking on anything, well, at least not yet.

My further ventures took me to this section called,"For the BASIC HTML Document for this server", has a display but few commands of which would've been helpful if more complete.

Instead of stopping and deciding that information regarding my questions was no where to be found, I tripped over this helpful link to the "For the NCSAs HTML Tutorial",from which a section named Beginner' Guide to HTML gave me hope in the endless search to answer my questions. A detailed outline greets you from where I find is an excellent first stepping stone for those who just need that first step(like ME!). It shows you headers to anchors all combined with a visual reference! again I say,"Great Place to Start!"
If you know what you are doing or at least think you are on the right track, you can go take a peak at For a much improved HTML tutorial. This linkwill allow you to link to a bigger explanation of HTML which reaches beyond Kevin's commands. Good place to browse and pick-up a few tricks.
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