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"The Feed is Included"

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Who's the owner of this stable?

My name is Rudolph Dolfo but everyone calls me Rudy. I'm a psychology major and I'll be a senior this fall semester. It's obvious that I'm in to the horse world because I own a beautiful 16h quarter horse. He's a lot of fun and he just loves people. Once you ride a quarter horse you'll never be the same. I'm no expert on horses but if you have any questions that I could answer, drop me a note.

Here's a menu of what I can offer:

  • Dr. James -Instructors hompe page
    "he has all the answers"
  • Report 1 -Studying the online generational curriculum in traffic psychology

  • Report 2 -Search Engines
  • Topics -Index for Report#1 and Report#2
    There's a few stalls open
    "let me know if you're interested"
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