Report :1
Studying the Outline Generational Curriculum in Traffic Psychology.
Driving Personality Makeover

Rudy Dolfo
Report :1
Psychology 409: Traffic Psychology
University of Hawaii
Instructor: Dr. Leon James

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Driving Personality Makeover

According to the generational student reports and the extensive researches on the topic of traffic psychology, it has been established that there are certain behaviors associated with traffic psychology. The behaviors could either be positive, or negative depending upon what approach you take in conjunction with the topic. According to Dr. James the threefold human nature which is the will, the understanding, and the actions of an individual are often referred to by psychologist. It is well recognized as a threefold system of behavior. The behaviorists approach seems to be very logical because, it defines human behavior. For example, perceiving, thinking, and the will, would fit into this category. There is also a biological approach which refers to our genetic makeup. Is our behavior a direct reflection to genes? or, are our behaviors learned behaviors? These are questions worth exploring and quite possibly be answered as we go through this report. After reading several generational reports and Dr. James findings on the subject, I gathered that a driving personality makeover is basically a reconstruction of ones driving personality.

I haven't given much thought on reconstructing my driving personality because I always believed it was natural for everybody to get a little frustrated in traffic. Who wants to be late for work, school, picking up the kids, a soccer game, catching a plane at the airport or whatever the activity may be. It becomes a problem when the frustration is taken out on other people. I feel it is of vital importance that this subject be taken seriously, if not, it could be detrimental to you as well as the other person.

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Examine Your Driving

Over the past few days I've taken the time to truly observe my driving personality in order to attempt to do a makeover. I found that my behavior depends solely upon the mood I'm in before I sit behind the wheel of my automobile. If I'm in an irritable mood, I find myself often disobeying the laws of driving. I tend to speed, I go through intersections just as the yellow lights turn red, I ignore the driver who is trying to get into my lane even with his signal light on, I stare at the driver who cut in front of me, I despise bicyclists who are not in the bicycle lane, and I utterly detest the tailgater. When I'm in a happy mood, there's not a person out there that could crush my island. I know, that there are many people who experience these same situations at sometime in their lives. How they intend to resolve it is their own personal matter. As for me, in order to reconstruct my driving personality, I need to focus in on my irritable moods and attempt a plan to resolve my inappropriate behaviors. It's like this, if you want to change the behavior, you must first recognize the problem.

Speeding Syndrome

In any given situation, there is absolutely no reason for speeding because of the repercussions involved though some people would object to this as in the case of Tina Suehisa who says, she saves 10minutes by simply going 20-25 mph over the speed limit. This is possible on the freeways because traffic lights are eliminated. I strongly believe in the concept of not speeding but when I'm in that irritable mood, I reluctantly admit that I do speed. Why? probably because I'm full of anxiety and just want to get to where I'm going quicker. My behavior at that point is inept because I have no regard for other drivers. This is truly a scarery thought because I'm an individual who respects life. Nevertheless, what Tina said actually works because I've done it. If I wanted to get to Kailua from Waimanalo, with traffic it takes approximately 20min. If I'm speeding, with traffic it takes me15min. and without traffic it would take me 10min. to reach Kailua.

My best friend is a police officer and he told me many stories of the people who decide not to stay within the city speed limit laws. He said that people don't realize that a car can be hard to handle when at high speeds especially during wet weather conditions. Braden Kato is one who believes in this concept of driving during wet conditions. People take chances with their lives and the lives of others when they speed no matter what the situation may be. I remember his words when he said to me that the amount of time you save speeding to your destination is not worth it if a life is taken in the process. This statement is somewhat similar to that of Berna Collado though not as dramatic. I often reflect on those words when I'm speeding because I wouldn't be able to live through the ordeal of the death of someone due to my speeding. Dr. James mentions in his article about affections and feelings affiliated with affect behavior.
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Yellow Lights

How I love to race that yellow light when I'm irritable. As a matter of fact, just the other day on my way to this class I was under tremendous stress and yellow lights kept exposing itself just before I came to an intersections. It became a personal vendetta with me and a yellow light wasn't going to catch me, Mario Andrette. At times there were cars next to me who would stop well before they came to an intersection and I kept going never giving it a second thought. I was fortunate that cars in the opposite lanes didn't anticipate their go signal and turn into the intersection just as I was coming through.

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Lane Cutters

I must say that Curtis Nakao has a great disposition because if there is anyone who could handle lane cutters, he could. I liked when he said to control your temper, think happy thoughts, brush it off and feel sorry for the crazy guy. It's awfully difficult to do this especially when there is absolutely no space for the cutters to cut in but they cut anyway whether you like it or not. The thing that gets my blood boiling is when the cutters cut and then "flips you a bird." Now, that sure sounds like a very disturbed individual. I'm a local boy and I lived in the mainland for awhile and if you think drivers here in Hawaii are bad, you haven't seen anything yet. Cutters flip the bird like a bad habit.

Another cutting incident that gets my blood boiling is if you're going 40mph in a 35mph speed limit zone, and someone cuts in front of you and slows down to say, 25mph. You've got to admire Bryan Yucoco's strong will because it happened to him. He was going 70mph and a red Toyota truck cut in front of him and slowed to 60mph. Can you imagine going at this speed and someone does it to you? It didn't even make him twitch, as a matter of fact he thought nothing of it, amazing. One of my professors once said, "Behavior is learned." Bryan is a great example of the classic learned behavior.
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How do you feel when there is a lane for bicyclists and instead of using that lane they feel that the car lane is there for them to use also? It is very frustrating for a driver having to swerve into another lane just to avoid the bicyclists who decides to use the car lane. It's not only dangerous for the bicyclists, but also for the driver of the car. I was driving through Waimanalo just pass the football and baseball field when I came across three people on bicycles. Two were behind each other but the third decided to ride up along side the first bicyclist. He took up at least a fourth of my lane. There were a lot of on coming cars so I had to wait until it was clear before I could swerve into the other lane just to avoid this guy. As I passed him, I gave him a piece of my mind. If you want people to respect you, then you must show respect in return. Nevertheless, I need to follow the counsel of control your temper and feel sorry for the crazy fool.

The Tailgater

The tailgater is the person that can bring out my wildest aggression. Of all the behaviors I need to resolve, the tailgater would be priority on my list. I was driving through Kaneohe one day and I noticed a truck on my bumper for approximately a mile. I tried to shake it off by saying that this guy needs to turn off somewhere because I was definitely within the speed limit. Well, I was wrong, it was something else because this guy also toot his horn at me. That was the last straw because from then on it was personal. I pulled into the next lane to wait until this guy came up along side of me and I was going to get 'um! He saw how furious I was and speed off. He had no idea that now it was my turn, and I chased this guy all over Kaneohe. Fortunately for him his truck had a lot of get up and go because my van couldn't catch up with him except for when there was a red light. Well, he eventually lost me.

My problem is, I'm really a nice guy until someone does me wrong. This behavior I'm sure is a learned behavior just as my professor in behavior psychology mentioned. I come from a proud Hawaiian lineage and I was taught to always be nice, but to stand up for what you believe in when you have too. Bryan Yucoco says in his report. Think about how it would feel if someone tailgated you, it would help you to remember not to do it. He also said, "what if the person you were tailgating decided to press his brakes?" You would be in deep trouble.
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The Plan, And Resistance To The Plan

Gathering all the information you can possibly get is only half the battle to succeed. The other half has to do with application. I realize that I have a lot to work on as far as my driving personality is concerned but, I have so much information and resources to refer to that it could very well be a safe-proof plan. Then again, that will depend upon how much I want it and that's where application comes in to view. The old saying goes, a goal that is never written down somewhere easily accessible, is not a goal. If you don't go through the steps of accomplishing your plan by exhausting every resource and information you may have, it'll never happen. I am trying to start out everyday with a positive attitude, a good mood, a smile before sitting behind the wheel of my automobile and it is working. The thing about doing this paper is that it's a constant reminder to me that I personally need this personality makeover. Mind you, that it's not going to work for everybody because change is difficult. To do it, like I mentioned, you have got to want to do it. Everyone realizes that their needs are different from another and doing a driving personality makeover might not be as important.

I must honestly say that I have thought of changing my driving personality even before taking this class. Now that I'm in the class it is reiterating the fact that the change for me is a necessity. I'm taking it step by step and not chewing more than I can swallow. The plan thus far is working for me. I'm more aware of my countenance because just maybe, my positive action to a given situation may influence the next driver.

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Online Generational Curriculum

At first I had no idea as to what was going on in this class let alone an online generational curriculum. I felt lost and confused but as time went on and I got to practice with the computers in lab classes, I began to feel a little more confident. There were other students who were of great help to me. The key is really to practice and it's only after you do that you realize the wealth of information just within your grasp. Without the knowledge of how the computer operates to access your information, you're going to be left behind, and oh what a feeling that could be. Once you get the hang of accessing information it will open the window to a whole new world. It can be so much fun browsing through tons of resources. You even lose tract of time when you really get into it. Sometimes that can be a detriment if you have other engagements. Nevertheless, this is a great way of learning traffic psychology because you can pull up any information you could possibly need on the topic by simply pressing certain keys.

This is very new for me and although computers are a lot quicker to get information it does have it's draw backs. One in particular was trying to hook up into the university's system. It was one problem after the other and I finally gave up and worked at home on my word processor, saved my work and finished it at school. I'm so use to the traditional course work which involves the lectures, the textbooks, the research papers, the discussions and so on. The dilemma I'm faced with is the change and I'm resisting because I'm use to the traditional system.
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Improvements, Inputs, Opinions

Being completely honest, I don't know enough about the generational curriculum to even attempt to suggest improvements for future generations. I'm still learning about the system but, ask me this question toward the ending of the semester and I'd have an answer. Like I said earlier, I had no idea as to what to expect from this class. It was a total shock to me when I found out. I'm not a quitter unless I have no alternative, and that's few and far between, so I decided to stick it out. When I finally got into the swing of things, I thought the generational curriculum was awesome! Some of the generational student reports are so elaborate and artistic that it makes me want to try extending my minds capacity.

My Synopsis

Almost every college student has or will have a computer. There is no way around it. It is the trend of the future and without it, especially college students, you're not going to survive. A class like this can only be positive because it's setting a precedence for what is to come now and in the future. This teaching approach should somehow be implemented in other classes, not totally because I'm not sure if it would apply to some classes. The fact that computers will control the future is important enough to make it a part of your life. This class is to me is sort of an introductory to the real world of computers and it should be a requirement for all students. I'm not saying that it's an easy class, not by a long shot, what I am saying is this, the class can be of some help to you for future references. It's a tuff class but once you get pass the first big bump, the other bumps doesn't seem as bad. The class should definitely be continued because there are so many advantages.

If I know that what I say here will help future generations, then I'll feel a part of it. When I was in high school, computers wasn't as important as it is now. I strongly feel that it will help prepare the high school student as he or she seeks higher education. If the high schools aren't teaching the students the world of computers now, then they better get started. It can only help their chances of succeeding in college.
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There is always room for improvements and this is the bases for expansion. A good example is what computers could do just a few years ago in comparison with computers of today. They are highly advanced and because of it, computers can do so much more. When future generations look back on our generation, they'll probably say something like, oh my gosh how primitive.

I'm in no position to be giving any advice to my professor on a topic that I only seem to be scratching the surface on. Computers isn't my forte at this moment, but who's to say that it wouldn't be at sometime in the future.

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